August 31, 2006

Rock On, Jeffrey!

OK, I was pretty close...I called the designers as the jet-setters, but was surprised that they were able to design their own outfits. It would've been lots more fun to see Angela design Jeffrey's outfit, but they didn't ask me.

Jeffrey's rockstar look worked. Michael's hip-hop-meets-Hamptons was unique but wearable. I LOVED Laura's dress...It was beautiful! She looked so elegantly chic. Was it just me, or did Uli's dress looked exactly like the one she wore on the runway on the last episode? Vincent looked great...it wasn't an exciting ensemble, but it wore well and appeared to be comfortable...unlike poor Kayne. I adore his personality and sweet smile...he is my second-favorite on the show (after Tim...love him!), but oh my - his Liberace/Elvis shirt, belt and pants were just too much.

Then there's Angela. I wonder just how many rosettes were on that outfit. She's putting herself at serious risk for carpal tunnel with those things. Upon hearing the verdict of her auf-fing however, she handled herself like a true lady...despite Jeffrey's inability to act like a gentleman.

Only a few more episodes. Who do you think will make it to the final three? photo from bravotv.com

August 30, 2006

Who's the Jet-Setter?

You probably won't believe me, but I totally called last week's models...the designers' moms. This week, I am guessing that the jet-setters will be the designers themselves, and they'll design an outfit for another member of the group.

I guess before I go on and on, I should mention that we're talking Project Runway here.

I loved last week's episode. Robert's dress was a total bore as Heidi said, but he seemed to be a really great, nice guy and the other designers seemed sad to see him go. Vincent's dress was very chic and a total 180-degree shift from what we've seen from him so far. I wonder if he's going to design another lovely outfit or go back to crazyland. Uli's ensemble was just right for Kayne's mom...she looked lovely in it, while Kayne certainly could've done a lot more to make Michael's mom more of a hautemomma! I can't think of anything great to say about Angela, Laura (wonder how far along she is) or Jeffrey, but Michael's dress...loved it!

T-minus 10 hours until Episode 8. I will be watching the clock all day. I have already seen Episode 7 twice since it aired, and cried all 3 times. The buzz over on bloggingprojectrunway is that Tim Gunn will be announcing the auf tonight. Time will tell, but until then...Carry on! photo from bravotv.com

August 29, 2006

It's a Jungle Out There

Animal prints are all over the place this fall. You can't open an August or September issue of any magazine without countless ads and features on this trend. There are fun options in all price ranges to incorporate this look and instantly update your fall wardrobe.

This leopard print jacket by Newport News is $59 and available online from amazon.com. Cute over jeans or black...and the great thing about ordering it here is that "amazon" is listed on the credit card statement( so your husband may think you ordered books, not clothes). photo from amazon.com

These leopard print jeans by Roberto Cavalli are haute and incorporate another fall trend, the skinny leg. They look great paired with this black cashmere turtleneck, or layer a jacket (not leopard, of course) over the sweater for more volume. $575 at neimanmarcus.com photo from neimanmarcus.com

And now for the accessories...

Even in leopard, this bag is unmistakably Marc Jacobs! Another trend going for this Cammie bag is the outer pockets. $875. Available at and photo from neimanmarcus.com

Check out www.jcrew.com for some cute accessories as well. Their cheetah flats are adorable. At $34, their haircalf hairband won't break the bank!


Haute Discounts on Haute Items

Thanks to our friends at DailyCandy - here are the latest sales through August so hurry....

1. Isharya Jewelry Sale
20 percent off nonsale baubles from this glamorous line of jewels. Enter discount code FRIENDS at checkout.

2. Decleor Skin Products' Discount - Shop via Skin-One and receive 25 percent off cleansers, toners and other Decleor products. Enter DCDECLEOR at checkout.

3. Sonya Dakar products Fall-ready your face; dehydration creams, discoloration help, and skin damage toners - Receive a free Drying Potion with any purchase. Enter DCDAKAR at checkout

(Katherine Heigl had obviously nothing to do with this entry. I just think she looked AWESOME!! Can't wait until GA starts up again...drama)

August 28, 2006

Back (pack) to School in Style

School-supply shopping. Who doesn't love all the new paper, pencils, crayons, paints, etc. There are usually not very many fun options when shopping for your school-mandated list of goodies. One choice that lets kids show some style is the backpack...and the options are endless!

Monkeemoos offers sweet designs by Stephen Joseph for your precious preschooler (with coordinating insulated lunch bags and coin keepers). My boys and I both love the timeless and fun motifs. They are easy to open (the teacher will thank you for this!) and durable! Check them out... photo from monkeemoos.com

There are lots of girlie options out there as well...these are perfect for school, dance gear, daycare, and sleepovers. She'll be right on-trend with this leopard-print style from lipstik at adysonsalley.com. Your little equestrienne will love this larger option by Wildkin at The Crazy Daisy. Spoil her with this beautiful fine corduroy style in dark coral floral print by Oilily at Trendy Togs. Homework has never been so pretty!! photo from www.adysonsalley.com

Haute Coffee

How cool is this! No more mess on the bottom of your coffee cup...stir your coffee or tea on the go with Hammacher Schlemmer's self-stirring mug. The insulated stainless mug has a top for travel that can be removed and inverted for use as an impromptu coaster. Genius! photo from www.hammacher.com

Lock and Load

Back to school...what an exciting time! You have the good (back to a routine, back to friends, back to the potential for a little free time for momma), the bad (homework, tons of activities, poor little siblings seem to live most of their waking hours in the car) and the ugly (the trauma that is the locker).

It doesn't sound that bad to those of us who don't have middle-or-high-schoolers yet, but for the 12 year old who is faced with having to switch classes and books for the first time, the locker is a huge deal! I went on a quest to help out some friends and here's what I've found...

Pottery Barn Teen's Locker Organizer and Dry Erase Board provides a shelf to make a cubby in your locker for stacking and a magnetic dry erase board for your locker door (a magentic mirror is also available in place of the dry erased board). Available for $25 from pbteen.com in tonal gray and gray/pink.

Another great organizer is the lockermate from containerstore.com. It adjusts from 8-13" wide and up to 25"high and is constructed of steel. Grab one on sale now for $28.49 (regularly $37.99).

Check out these shelves from amazon.com. This flexible organizer hangs inside the locker suspended from hooks, a rod or the locker shelf. It expands usable space and would work for the smaller child who has trouble reaching the higher shelves. $29.74 at www.amazon.com.

A magnetic pencil cup & memo center keep pens, magnets and paper easily at-hand. Make your locker personal and functional with fun border frames from www.stickyprints.com and magnetic letters & numbers from pbteen. Don't forget a fun memo pad for writing notes!

Guilty Pleasure....Celebrity gossip...

Here are my two most memorable outfits from the 58th Emmy awards soiree....

Worst of the evening
The winner is: Ellen Pompeo, sorry Ellen but on the show (Grey's Anatomy) you look 'dirty' and last night was no different. The hair could have looked a little better too....it was a little..well...greasy. Not even the strapless bustier-style gown in purple designed by John Galliano for Christian Dior could put her on my best dressed list.

Best of the evening
The winner is: Heidi Klum!!! She is so beautiful - even that pregnant she is well, glowing!!!! Why can't we all look that good preggo? Just kidding..... For more great reviews, check out Blogdorf Goodman's Blog.


August 27, 2006

Lexington Mourns Flight Victims

It was not a regular morning in Lexington, KY today. I made my way to my son's room, then to the den and turned on the TV, as I walked to the kitchen to make coffee, I hear, "we have no details on the passengers aboard this plane, but we are being told all were fatalities except one."
I turned back to the den to stare at the screen to absorb the details. Then hurry to my address book to think of anyone who might have been flying this morning.
Please say a prayer for all the families / friends who lost a loved one today.

From CNN.com - "Sunday's crash is the deadliest U.S. airline crash since November 2001, when American Airlines Flight 587 crashed into a Queens, New York, neighborhood less than two minutes after the Airbus A300 left the runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport..." click here for the whole story.

August 26, 2006

When in doubt, use Hefty...

We attended Picnic with the Pops Friday night; an annual concert at the Kentucky Horse Park. Now this is by far one of my favorite Lexington, KY events. A great way to slowly creep into Fall and enjoy not only a picturesque sunset among great company, music and food, but...people watching! Yes, people watching, you know you do it....

What I did not know was that, hands down, the most memorable accessory of the night was going to be at our very own table. Yes, my friend whose name I will not mention, but you know who you are, showed up with this lovely handbag you see in the picture above. Contents: lipstick, phone and...Nicorette gum. A mother of two young gals, my friend is definitely thinking creatively; Hefty bag: easy to carry, won't spill contents, holds just enough and stays sealed.

Even though this Hefty bag did not quite match her shoes, which is really a thing of the past now anyway (situational), I must say it did serve its purpose! Way to go Marn...maybe you are onto something here...customized Hefty handbags????

August 25, 2006

If you give a MOM a cookie....

Great quick read from Parenting, June 2006 by Julie Tilsner, (inspired by Laura jaffe Numeroff's book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie):

If you give a mom a cookie, she is going to want a latte to go with it.

But before she gets a latte, she has to find her toddler's pink ladybug boots.

To find the ladybug boots, she has to venture into the playroom.

When she tries to straighten up the playroom, she finds Daddy's left shoe, the salad bowl, and an open package of graham crackers. She also finds her cell phone.

So she'll yell at her toddler about the cell phone and wake up the baby from his morning nap.

But if she goes in to pick up the baby, the cell phone will ring.

When she answers, it'll be the doctor's office reminding her that she had an appointment this morning and would she like to reschedule, say, something in November?

While she's trying to mentally re-create her calendar, the baby will start to cry.

Then her toddler will run to see what's the matter and find the graham crackers.

When she finds the graham crackers, there'll be crumbs all over the playroom.

So the mom will get the broom from the hall closet and notice that Daddy forgot to buy diapers last night, as she asked.

But she will find her toddler's pink ladybug boots.

And when she finds the pink ladybug boots, she'll remember her emergency stash of diapers in the car.

So she'll wrestle her toddler and her baby into their car seats and drive to the store to buy more diapers and more milk.

While she's buying the milk, she'll remember that she wanted that latte.

And if she manages to order her latte without a tantrum or poop episode from either of her kids.......

Then she's going to need another cookie. - Julie Tilsner


I'm a Big Kid Now

"Me do it!" How many times have you heard this? With a newly potty-trained little guy or gal, every second counts. Myself belts allow your little one to quickly fasten and unfasten the belt on their own. Your child will thank you for allowing them some independence, and your child's teacher will thank you for making this task easier as well.

There are adorable designs for both boys and girls and leather options for dressy-days. Create by two moms, myself belts are a snap to use! Just snap the end of the belt to the first belt loop on the right, then pull the belt through all of the loops and fasten to the right side with velcro. Your little one can do and undo the belt all day long by himself!


August 24, 2006

Waterproof Mascara....Watch out!

It's not surprising Lancome's Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover has won the following awards:
  • allure; Editors Choice and Best of Beauty Hall of Fame
  • Glam.com's Beauty Award 2006 Winner

  • It truly is the best! Not oily and safe for contacts (if you wear them, like me!). 4.2 fl.oz. for $23 last FOREVER and I use it everyday-can't live without it:) Definitely a HAUTEMOMMA Item!
    Oh...view the Popsugar.com poll and find out what other products people can't live without!!

    Hunger Strike

    Jen and I have a lot in common. Unfortunately, one thing we share is a frustration that our 18 and 22 month old sons are picky eaters. Some days, it seems that they are not eaters at all.

    I have read that, while babies and toddlers may not eat a balanced meal at every sitting, when allowed to choose from many options, they will consume a balanced diet over the course of a day or a week.

    I was pretty skeptical of this. I read about the Baby Bistro Box on Boutique Cafe and figured that it was worth a look. The Baby Bistro Box offers advice and recipes for feeding babies up to 12 months. The Toddler Bistro Box covers kids from 1-3 years. Nutritionist Christina Schmidt created the recipe-box style resources in response to her sister's concerns about feeding her new baby.

    I can't believe there is so much information in this one little box. There are easy recipes, info on food allergies and important nutrients for growing healthy little ones, food and environmental safety facts and much more. The Toddler Bistro Box comes with shopping lists and fun activities to do at home as well.

    Michael still has a mind of his own, but I don't dread meal time the way I used to. Flexibility is the key here. Just because I wouldn't choose broccoli for breakfast doesn't mean Michael won't love it.

    Persistence is important, too. I thought it took 3 or 4 presentations for a child to accept a new food....but it's actually more like 8-15 presentations. So hang in there and check out the Baby and Toddler Bistro Boxes. photos from www.babybistrobrands.com


    These are a few of my Favorite Things

    Fuel to be Fabulous! That is the tagline for TaB energy. It is pink "juice" in a pink can that tastes great, has only five calories and provides lots of energy (thanks to caffeine, ginseng, taurine and carnitine).I have had a serious addiction to Starbucks for a long time. Sweet Baby was saying "Starbucks" at 17 mos. One day, we pulled up to order at the drive-thru and Sweet Boy opened his window and requested "One diaper latte, please" (I have no idea where he came up with that one). And while I'll always love my grande non-fat mocha, it has lots of calories and stains my teeth. I'll keep Starbucks for a treat and my new TaB energy for my daily dose of caffeine. (photo from foxnews, copyright the cocacola co)

    Diapees and Wipees Why didn't I come up with this one...It keeps my diaper bag more organized and now that Sweet Baby is getting older, I can just grab this and toss it in the car or my purse for short trips. This also keeps the diapers nice and neat...no more crumpled diapers, no more searching for the wipes. It washes well, too (just incase someone were to dump a juice box into your mothership...not that this has ever happened to me..ha). photo from diapeesandwipees.com

    Azuree Body Oil smells divine, isn't greasy, and disguises the fact that I spend lots of time in the pool. It was created by the beautiful and posh Tom Ford for Estee Lauder. It is a limited edition for this summer and is sold out many places... but is so worth the effort to find. (photo from gloss.com)

    Noodle and Boo Play-Day Sunscreen SPF 30 This is a recent discovery. Noodle and Boo's sunscreen has the best texture...it is light and smooth like a lotion...not thick and sticky like most other sunscreens. Application time is cut in half, and Sweet Baby doesn't get upset when it's time to put it on. I have found that it protects the kids (and me) as well as or better than anything else we've tried.

    August 23, 2006

    Ship the Vino!

    FINALLY! Check this out for those who love the grape.....
    "Out-of-state wine ban overturnedKentucky's prohibition on out-of-state wineries shipping their products to the state is unconstitutional because it discriminates against some businesses, a federal judge ruled yesterday."
    The full article will be available on the Web for a limited time:
    (c) 2006 Lexington Herald-Leader and wire service sources. All Rights Reserved.
    Image Copyright © 2000–2006, Rod Phillips. All Rights Reserved.

    August 22, 2006

    Stir Things Up

    What do you get when you mix up a drink with Stirrings Watermelon Martini mixer and rimmer? A Party!!! I sampled these at a "make the perfect martini" girls' night out at the Village Vineyard earlier this summer. There are lots of other great flavors as well...including Blueberry Buckle mixer with a pie crust rimmer, Cosmopolitan, apple, lemon drop, and chocolate. These are foolproof, quick, easy and delicious. Just mix with vodka or soda, shake and pour. I gave a few of these kits as prizes at a recent party and they were a big hit. I even make smoothies for my kids with the mixer, yogurt, fruit and ice (no--I don't give them vodka). See for yourself at http://www.stirrings.com/ or the Village Vineyard. photo from stirrings.com

    Burnin' Down the House

    This large iron tray with feet is a great way to prevent your furniture (dresser) from catching fire if a candle you're burning should happen to explode into flames. (Not that this ever happened to Haute momma!). Seriously, please be careful with your candles...they are so dangerous and should never be left unattended or allowed to burn anywhere near...well,anything really. photo from Keystonecandle.com

    These Elton Rocks from Slatkin ( in collaboration with Elton John) at Neimanmarcus.com are a great way to fragrance your home, but much more modern than potpourri. Just be sure your kids don't eat them. photo from neimanmarcus.com

    August 21, 2006

    Two Best Bras EVER!

    Are bras often like jeans to you? Do you feel you just can't seem to find the right bra, but you've purchased a ton of them!!?? Well, look no further...Seriously, these are the two best bras!

    The first (Heidi's bra) is The Body Bra by VS. Seriously the best everyday bra there is! Just the right amount of push up, not too much so you don't look like a hootchie in your t-shirt to take the kids to the playground.

    The second is The Infinity Edge push-up bra by VS. It too is perfect! Great for the 'go-out' shirts.

    Image ©2006 Victoria's Secret. All rights reserved


    August 20, 2006

    HMS Hosted Events

    Want us to host a party for your business to help promote and showcase your products/services?....of course you do!!!

    HMS parties are all about us not only writing about the latest products, procedures, treatments and services, it is about us getting our subscribers in your door to receive exclusive discounts, private showings, FREE samples, tours, trunk shows and more by working with you to decide what merchandise you want to present. (Pictured to the right - one of our Free HMS Goodie Bags, given at all parties)

    Our subscribers are very important to us and we want to keep them happy!
    So we have some specific criteria, nothing too strict!

    Contact us to find out more - hautemommas@hautemommastuff.com


    Local Party Links:

    White House Black Market
    Hamburg-Lexington, KY

    Polka Dots and Village Vineyards
    Old Harrodsburg Road-Lexington, KY

    BelleVie MedSpa
    Hamburg-Lexington, KY

    Laser Perfect Med Spa
    Harrodsburg Road / Gold's Gym-Lexington, KY

    Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants
    Dutchmans Parkway/Breckinridge Lane-Louisville, KY

    Mod Boutique
    Chevy Chase Area / Lexington, KY


    What is Hautemommastuff?

    The HMS Blog
    Hautemommastuff.com (HMS) was launched in the Summer of 2006 by Jen Dotson and Gretchen Farah, both natives of Louisville, Kentucky and now residing in Lexington, Kentucky. HMS is a place where two busy moms find serenity in all things...haute!...HMS is all about unique, fabulous, and somewhat hard to find, finds on the web.

    Married women, single women, divorced women, women with children, women without children, college-age women, college-age men, gay men, married men, single men, divorced men....are all subscribers to HMS. So you see Hautemommastuff defines more than just the traditional 'momma' in us all.

    Not everyone has time to search [the web] for unusual, stylish, trendsetting items, places, organizations - so we do it for you! We also throw in some of our opinions on products, celebs (but not too much), fashion trends, and more. Mostly we focus on what we are passionate about, which in addition to fashion, children, society and products, we are devoted to amazing charities around the world. Therefore you will find us posting about many of the organizations we make donations to throughout the year.

    So please, sit back, click around and we are certain you will come across something that you find...haute!

    The HMS Events
    Did we mention we throw some wicked fun parties! Check out a few of our local ones and make sure to join us...our FREE HMS Goodie Bags get better and better every event!

    Let us showcase your business, products and services by hosting a party exclusively for HMS subscribers. For more information, please email us at hautemommas@hautemommastuff.com

    If you are an HMS Advertiser please click here for more info on payments.

    August 8, 2006

    Hollywood, please bring Carey Grant types back!

    One of my favorite magazines (along with my fav smut; Star, InTouch, People, Us Weekly....) is TIME. Since my new position as a SAHM, I make sure to read TIME and the newspaper everyday (local and the online ones; USA today, other local cities etc..). It keeps you in touch with not only the community, but the world. And when you are out with those still working outside-the-home with the attitude that you, now working inside-the-home, know nothing about the 'real-world' you are able to start conversations, contribute to them and much more...

    Back to Cary Grant...the recent issue of TIME had a great essay from one of my favorites Belinda Luscombe; Where Have All the Cary Grants Gone? Please read and if you would respond with your thoughts. I think there is Major truth to it.

    August 7, 2006

    You give fashion a bad name (say again using Bon Jovi tune)

    I am all about edgy fashion trends to a certain point, but when you read something like this...seriously. Here is a quote from the article you are hopefully going to read and probably think what I thought, "are they serious?".......

    Quote from Jane Eloy, designer for Daspu (means "of the whores" in Portuguese):
    "We're changing people's minds about us," she said. "We're winning respect for what we do."


    Never thought this would happen.....

    Yes it has been a while since last post...sorry

    Okay, so perfect new post to follow-up last entry; what do you do if you are enjoying a first playdate with your child's new friend and the children begin to have a little spat over a toy and does your child bite his new friend...NO...who does he bite? The momma! Yes, my son bit his new friend's mother...grrrreat. No, I was not in sheer horror...no not at all.

    Hairbands...why'd I wait so long!

    Okay, so when my friend Ashley and I play field hockey in high school rolling up a bandana (yes a bandana and yes I played field hockey, we were not butch, we liked the little plaid skirt)and used it [the bandana] to hold back all the 'fly-aways' from our ponytail. Now there is the totally revolutionary item called the elastic hairband and WHY I've waited this long to purchase them is beyond me. (I know they've been around forever)

    I still have long hair, as I did in high school (no not even the corporate world forced me from my locks) and now that I am at home with children I love these hairbands sooooo much!

    You really should try them out, if nothing else use them while face masking:) or whatever....they rock!

    August 1, 2006

    HauteSpot Interviews

    Gretchen Farah and Jen Dotson
    The Haute Mommas of Hautemommastuff.com
    Hair maven, mother and salon owner

    Ariel Gobert - Red Hot Revolution
    Author, mother, revolutionary

    Dr. Mark Henderson - Total Med
    Fountain of Youth!

    Fiona Young-Brown
    Life coach, teacher, world traveler and candle maker

    Kristi Martin - The Lexington Foundation, Inc.
    Executive Director, corporate diva, mother and more!

    Riki Altman - Freelance Journalist
    President - Wordpress Ink and Jet-setter

    Darla Shine
    Author, Happy Housewives...Wife, Mother, and lots more!

    Dr. R. Kevin Majzoub, MD
    Louisville Plastic Surgery Consultants

    Heather Morris - Mod Boutique
    Entrepreneur, Trendsetter, Seriously Stylish!

    Jennie Garlington - Hope Unlimited
    Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Volunteer, Environmentalist and more!

    Kristin Ingwell Goode
    Editor - Chevy Chaser / Southsider Magazines / New Mom!

    Carrie Patterson
    Manager - Carpet One, Driven, Fashionable, Sassy and much more!

    Amy Houchin Watts
    Amy Watts Designs, full-time hautemomma, entrepreneur and more!