August 20, 2006

What is Hautemommastuff?

The HMS Blog
Hautemommastuff.com (HMS) was launched in the Summer of 2006 by Jen Dotson and Gretchen Farah, both natives of Louisville, Kentucky and now residing in Lexington, Kentucky. HMS is a place where two busy moms find serenity in all things...haute!...HMS is all about unique, fabulous, and somewhat hard to find, finds on the web.

Married women, single women, divorced women, women with children, women without children, college-age women, college-age men, gay men, married men, single men, divorced men....are all subscribers to HMS. So you see Hautemommastuff defines more than just the traditional 'momma' in us all.

Not everyone has time to search [the web] for unusual, stylish, trendsetting items, places, organizations - so we do it for you! We also throw in some of our opinions on products, celebs (but not too much), fashion trends, and more. Mostly we focus on what we are passionate about, which in addition to fashion, children, society and products, we are devoted to amazing charities around the world. Therefore you will find us posting about many of the organizations we make donations to throughout the year.

So please, sit back, click around and we are certain you will come across something that you find...haute!

The HMS Events
Did we mention we throw some wicked fun parties! Check out a few of our local ones and make sure to join us...our FREE HMS Goodie Bags get better and better every event!

Let us showcase your business, products and services by hosting a party exclusively for HMS subscribers. For more information, please email us at hautemommas@hautemommastuff.com

If you are an HMS Advertiser please click here for more info on payments.


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