August 7, 2006

Hairbands...why'd I wait so long!

Okay, so when my friend Ashley and I play field hockey in high school rolling up a bandana (yes a bandana and yes I played field hockey, we were not butch, we liked the little plaid skirt)and used it [the bandana] to hold back all the 'fly-aways' from our ponytail. Now there is the totally revolutionary item called the elastic hairband and WHY I've waited this long to purchase them is beyond me. (I know they've been around forever)

I still have long hair, as I did in high school (no not even the corporate world forced me from my locks) and now that I am at home with children I love these hairbands sooooo much!

You really should try them out, if nothing else use them while face masking:) or whatever....they rock!


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