August 8, 2006

Hollywood, please bring Carey Grant types back!

One of my favorite magazines (along with my fav smut; Star, InTouch, People, Us Weekly....) is TIME. Since my new position as a SAHM, I make sure to read TIME and the newspaper everyday (local and the online ones; USA today, other local cities etc..). It keeps you in touch with not only the community, but the world. And when you are out with those still working outside-the-home with the attitude that you, now working inside-the-home, know nothing about the 'real-world' you are able to start conversations, contribute to them and much more...

Back to Cary Grant...the recent issue of TIME had a great essay from one of my favorites Belinda Luscombe; Where Have All the Cary Grants Gone? Please read and if you would respond with your thoughts. I think there is Major truth to it.


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