August 27, 2006

Lexington Mourns Flight Victims

It was not a regular morning in Lexington, KY today. I made my way to my son's room, then to the den and turned on the TV, as I walked to the kitchen to make coffee, I hear, "we have no details on the passengers aboard this plane, but we are being told all were fatalities except one."
I turned back to the den to stare at the screen to absorb the details. Then hurry to my address book to think of anyone who might have been flying this morning.
Please say a prayer for all the families / friends who lost a loved one today.

From CNN.com - "Sunday's crash is the deadliest U.S. airline crash since November 2001, when American Airlines Flight 587 crashed into a Queens, New York, neighborhood less than two minutes after the Airbus A300 left the runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport..." click here for the whole story.


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