August 24, 2006

Hunger Strike

Jen and I have a lot in common. Unfortunately, one thing we share is a frustration that our 18 and 22 month old sons are picky eaters. Some days, it seems that they are not eaters at all.

I have read that, while babies and toddlers may not eat a balanced meal at every sitting, when allowed to choose from many options, they will consume a balanced diet over the course of a day or a week.

I was pretty skeptical of this. I read about the Baby Bistro Box on Boutique Cafe and figured that it was worth a look. The Baby Bistro Box offers advice and recipes for feeding babies up to 12 months. The Toddler Bistro Box covers kids from 1-3 years. Nutritionist Christina Schmidt created the recipe-box style resources in response to her sister's concerns about feeding her new baby.

I can't believe there is so much information in this one little box. There are easy recipes, info on food allergies and important nutrients for growing healthy little ones, food and environmental safety facts and much more. The Toddler Bistro Box comes with shopping lists and fun activities to do at home as well.

Michael still has a mind of his own, but I don't dread meal time the way I used to. Flexibility is the key here. Just because I wouldn't choose broccoli for breakfast doesn't mean Michael won't love it.

Persistence is important, too. I thought it took 3 or 4 presentations for a child to accept a new food....but it's actually more like 8-15 presentations. So hang in there and check out the Baby and Toddler Bistro Boxes. photos from www.babybistrobrands.com


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