August 22, 2006

Stir Things Up

What do you get when you mix up a drink with Stirrings Watermelon Martini mixer and rimmer? A Party!!! I sampled these at a "make the perfect martini" girls' night out at the Village Vineyard earlier this summer. There are lots of other great flavors as well...including Blueberry Buckle mixer with a pie crust rimmer, Cosmopolitan, apple, lemon drop, and chocolate. These are foolproof, quick, easy and delicious. Just mix with vodka or soda, shake and pour. I gave a few of these kits as prizes at a recent party and they were a big hit. I even make smoothies for my kids with the mixer, yogurt, fruit and ice (no--I don't give them vodka). See for yourself at http://www.stirrings.com/ or the Village Vineyard. photo from stirrings.com


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