August 26, 2006

When in doubt, use Hefty...

We attended Picnic with the Pops Friday night; an annual concert at the Kentucky Horse Park. Now this is by far one of my favorite Lexington, KY events. A great way to slowly creep into Fall and enjoy not only a picturesque sunset among great company, music and food, but...people watching! Yes, people watching, you know you do it....

What I did not know was that, hands down, the most memorable accessory of the night was going to be at our very own table. Yes, my friend whose name I will not mention, but you know who you are, showed up with this lovely handbag you see in the picture above. Contents: lipstick, phone and...Nicorette gum. A mother of two young gals, my friend is definitely thinking creatively; Hefty bag: easy to carry, won't spill contents, holds just enough and stays sealed.

Even though this Hefty bag did not quite match her shoes, which is really a thing of the past now anyway (situational), I must say it did serve its purpose! Way to go Marn...maybe you are onto something here...customized Hefty handbags????


Blogger Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

I often use little baggies like that to hold a couple things when I go to a concert or somewhere like that. It's very convenient... also waterproof.

11:14 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

I tell you she is onto something here! Hefty probably doesn't realize the vast and impressive creativity of the mommy-market!...well....

11:34 PM  

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