October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat...

Don't be tempted to dig into the kids' candy baskets after they've gone to bed.

Slim Delices Slimming Chocolates are from one of my favorite websites... blissworld.com. Here's what the website has to say: "Bliss Exclusive- Who says 'slimming chocolate' is an oxymoron? This natural formulation of plant extracts and antioxidant-rich cacao can bring sweet success to your diet and exercise program. Just three pieces of this fine French dark chocolate a day will help curb cravings and contain curves. In clinical studies, participants lost an average of 4 pounds in 1 month. One box contains 24 pieces. "

Check them out here. While you're there, check out the MBT sneakers. photo and text from blissworld.com.

Happy Halloween!!

October 30, 2006

Mini Moo, NOT Mini Me....

Is this a HAUTE idea or what? Tiny little cards with just about anything you'd like printed on them! Like they say on moo.com, we all have so much 'invested' online and it's hard to share with everyone in an effective way...[enter moo.com]....these little cards help you share your vast online world with others. Moo.com is a definitely HAUTE spot!

Check out the photo cards, my husband was one of those who received the promotional free pack of 10 pictures. He had pictures printed our our boys and of him and me to carry around in his wallet. Since they are so small, there is no bulk!

October 27, 2006

Fragrant Indulgences

Whatever your mood, Tocca candles provide a pastiche of dazzle and comfort. Try Cleopatra for a clean, soothing bath accompaniment, or let the sensuous scent of Rodolfo spice up the bedroom. Give your living room an exotic, sophisticated tone with 007, or use Sofia for a fresh, pure scent in your kitchen. Feu de Touch is a timeless classic for any room in the home, letting you mix and match your ever-changing mood. Check out the Tocca Beauty Travel Candle Set

Make the mundane task of handwashing laundry a pleasure with Tocca Laundry Delicate

The 'touch' fragrance is lovely-not overpowering like some detergents or fabric softeners. It lasts forever, is easy to travel with, and is gentle on your fine fabrics & sweaters.
photos and some text from sephora.com


Get Cork'd...

Stumbled upon this Haute blog - Cork'd.com - It is a great source for reviews, ratings and more! You can become a member for free to rate wines, share tasting reviews, track your 'to drink' list and much more...Definitely a Haute Spot!

Oh and their t-shirts are pretty cool too...

October 26, 2006

Vivre, the Extraordinary and Chic Accessories Source Book

Many of you have probably seen this, but I had to share...Vivre is very Haute! The creator, Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti is seriously one of my favorite Haute Mommas! Her style is amazing and the Vivre site...well see for yourself....truly the 'Art of Living'....

Haute Halloween Cocktails....

Black Vodka? Yes, Black Vodka! Serve up some Haute Halloween Cocktails this weekend at your party, or give these recipes to your friend(s) hosting a party.

From the Black-Eyed Pumpkin made with Pumpkin Schnapps, to the Black Witch made with Chambord (yummy) - with these cocktail ideas you can't go wrong!

Ecoist - Seriously Unique and Way Haute....

Would you ever think to have a bag made from Candy Wrappers???? Well, YES if it looks like an Ecoist!

So, not only can you justify spending money on these because they are sooo cool, but you'd be doing our environment some good!! Now that is GREAT justification for some Haute Stuff....(oh their belts are cool too)

Add a Splash of Red with Lisyb....

We all know adding red accessories to your wardrobe this Fall is well...Haute! So check out this Onna Ehrlich Renee Croco Classic Hobo!

Don't forget!

Right now receive 20% off non-sale items with no minimum.
Please enter the code hautemomma at checkout to receive the discount.
The offer will run until October 31 (that is this TUESDAY!).

October 23, 2006

Pipeline?...No Piperlime!

We can never have enough shoes...so another great online shoe store is GREAT!!! Shoes for men, women and kids!

You have to check out the new Gap online shoe store - Piperlime.com

Browse through designers such as Steve Madden, Calvin Klien, Via Spiga and many more....

Also...please let us know what you think about this site...do you like it or not?
We want to know what you think!

October 20, 2006

Save Your Soles!

Shoe shopping...we all love searching for and finding the perfect shoe, sandal or boot. How many times have you found a style you adore that looks perfect on you and compliments your outfit...only to find out a few hours into a day or evening out that it is actually a medieval torture device in disguise?

Foot petals to the rescue! I have read about these little inserts for years and brushed them off. On a whim, I ordered some the last time I shopped with zappos. Let me tell you, friends, these are miracles. As Lt. Dan told Forrest Gump, "take care of your feet!" (Don't you just love Gary Sinise? He's one of my favorites!)

Save your soles with foot petals at zappos.com...they also have free shipping both ways right now & lots of cute styles on sale!

photos from zappos.com and imdb.com

October 19, 2006

Bravo, Jeffrey

Not only was he allowed to show his collection..he won! Questions were raised about his craftsmanship, but Tim seemed convinced that Jeffrey was 'on the up and up'. He stayed true to his aesthetic, while presenting a complete and well-crafted collection. Way to go, Jeff!

As Heidi said, every woman would want to wear all of the pieces in Uli's collection...and it sounds as though every woman will be given the chance soon, according to the judges. She maintained her 'resort-y' vibe in the safari collection with fun colors, prints and details (horns, sequins, and braids).

Michael's version of the urban safari--a woman on the hunt for who she wants to be--was not as well executed. As the saying goes, 'getting there is half the fun'. Michael's journey all season was so pulled together and polished, but his finale under the tents just lacked the substance that earned him the 'fan favorite' award. He does definitely have plenty of time to mature, and will surely be a part of the fashion world for a long time to come.

Back to the craftsmanship issue. How on earth did Laura manage to do all of that intricate bead work? Her evening wear collection was exquisite. In part one of the finale, Tim expressed concern that her collection could "go old". It was mature, but stunning and elegant nonetheless.

I can't wait to see Jeff's spread in Elle magazine. Until season 4 starts, I'm going to hope to be inspired by Top Chef to get creative in the kitchen. So far, I haven't found any of the contestants to be all that endearing, but time will tell.

What did you think of Jeffrey's win? Post a comment and share your thoughts.

photo from brvov.com


October 16, 2006

ELF....buy now $1.00

Unfortunately people are receiving emails stating that Elf is Bloomingdales new makeup line. However it is not - read more here.

But! They really and truly are selling their products for $1.00!
What are you waiting for??? Get Shoppin'!

October 12, 2006

Great Croc Clutch!!! 20% off now!

Is this not the perfect bag for a day at Keeneland???

Right now receive 20% off non-sale items with no minimum. Please enter the code hautemomma at checkout to receive the discount. The offer will run until October 31!!!...BOO!


It's All About...New Beauty

Jen and Gretchen's Favorite magazine and we cannot believe we are just now posting about it! Anyway, NewBeauty is the most comprehensive magazine out there, in our opinion, related to plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements. It's also a complete resource guide for cosmetics, over-the-counter / department store buys, that are relatively comparable, or at least in NewBeauty's opinion, cheaper than plastic surgery and work well if you don't want to 'go under the knife.'

Each issue includes the 'Beauty Report' - which I LOVE - it is a collaboration between Nordstrom and NewBeauty magazine. It focuses on the latest products, treatments and procedures to help give you a comprehensive review.

Oh and definitely sign up for the TESTTUBE - it is too cool!!!

October 11, 2006

Stirred to Action

A great new reason to check out one of our favorite mixers.

In honor of Breast Cancer awareness month, Stirrings will be donating a percentage of the sales of its' Cosmopolitan mixers and rimmers to the Young Survival Coalition.

Stirrings makes mixing the perfect cocktail a snap. I first learned about these at a fun Girls' Night Out at the Village Vineyard. John and the gang made us a ton of fun martinis...and my absolute fave was the cosmo! The pretty pink-sugar rimmers make for a perfect girlie presentation (they're yummy, too!!).

Stirrings is also donating $1 for each new subscription to their enewsletter to the Young Survival Coalition. Be sure to check them out at stirrings.com and The Village Vineyard! photo from stirrings.com

October 10, 2006

Leopard Print Must Haves...Target Of Course...

Check these out! How cute! Not to mention an easy way to add this trend to your wardrobe this Fall without getting tooo crazy.....Find them at Target.com

October 5, 2006

Ford Caring for the Cause!

You've probably seen their ads in your fashion magazines with the Haute Docs from Grey's Anatomy...right? We all knew Ford was a Haute Powerhouse and now with this very hip line of clothes and goodies for Breast Cancer Month...well....Ford is Haute!

Check out all the cool custom items at www.fordcares.com

October 4, 2006

Need an Excuse to Shop? Here you go...

Shop for a Haute Cause!
October is Breast Cancer Month and lots of great companies will be donating a portion of their proceeds to various breast cancer charities. Check out just a few options we've listed below:

If you haven't tried Philosophy's 3-in-1's yet, Shower for the Cure is a perfect intro! With a yummy tangerine-and-milk scent, shower for the cure makes itself useful as a timesaving shampoo, conditioner and body wash.
Click on the picture to check it out!

Plump your lips with Lipfusion. It really works! They've even earned the GoodHousekeeping Seal! The colors in this kit are really wearable and pretty. Click the photo and see for yourself!

And who can miss the Haute Site Red Envelope!!
Please check out all the great Think Pink items!!


LisyB The Stylist Boutique - Holiday Promo

Haute Holiday Promo!
Right now receive 20 percent off non-sale items and FREE ground shipping for the holiday season!

Reunited and It Feels So Good...(ala Peaches and Herb,c. 1979)

It's Wednesday!!!!!!! Project Runway Day!!!!!
Don't miss the Project Runway Reunion Show on Bravo at 10:00pm. Peaches and Herb sang "There's one perfect fit, and sugar this one is it". I somehow doubt that the designers will be singing this about each other, but I can't wait to "watch what happens".

Oh, and by the way, Tim Gunn For President! I just know he could 'make it work'. I really need him as my personal life-coach. photo from bravotv.com


In honor of Blogdorf Goodman's Nail Polish month, I sought out some brown-hued polishes yesterday. While there has been alot of press recently about the Chanel Black Satin polish (that is now impossible to find) and its dupes (Milani "Black Magic"), a more wearable trend is chocolate brown. Red and Berry shades (like Essie Well Red, Vintage Wine and OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry and Bogota Blackberry) are classics, but if you're looking to update your talons as well as your wardrobe, check out the new browns.

Essie's Clutch Me If You Can is part of their new Fall collection. Looks like a deep brown doesn't it?! Wrong! It's actually a deep brown-berry. Very wearable and flattering to a variety of skin-tones. Definitely FBW (full-bottle-worthy, a term from the makeupalley fragrance board). It's also a part of the Mini 4-pack for fall (along with "It's in the Bag"-perfect for the neutral mani...and 2 other new shades).

OPI's new Decades of Shades is, in fact, a medium milk-chocolate brown. It doesn't quite work on my fair-to-medium skin on tips, but would look cute and trendy peeking out from a pair of new peep-toe shoes.

Oh...to be 25 again...not sure if I'd actually go back there -but this does make for a lovely, flattering deep brown polish. Also FBW.

I'll be bringing these polishes over to Jen later today...be sure to check the comments section for her take on them, and tell us all about your favorite shades for fall! photo from essie.com

October 1, 2006



Thanks to Haute Momma Edelen, who sent us this video, we had to share! Also, thanks to SNL for being sooooo hilarious! Hopefully no one will want to know where to purchase these!