October 4, 2006


In honor of Blogdorf Goodman's Nail Polish month, I sought out some brown-hued polishes yesterday. While there has been alot of press recently about the Chanel Black Satin polish (that is now impossible to find) and its dupes (Milani "Black Magic"), a more wearable trend is chocolate brown. Red and Berry shades (like Essie Well Red, Vintage Wine and OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry and Bogota Blackberry) are classics, but if you're looking to update your talons as well as your wardrobe, check out the new browns.

Essie's Clutch Me If You Can is part of their new Fall collection. Looks like a deep brown doesn't it?! Wrong! It's actually a deep brown-berry. Very wearable and flattering to a variety of skin-tones. Definitely FBW (full-bottle-worthy, a term from the makeupalley fragrance board). It's also a part of the Mini 4-pack for fall (along with "It's in the Bag"-perfect for the neutral mani...and 2 other new shades).

OPI's new Decades of Shades is, in fact, a medium milk-chocolate brown. It doesn't quite work on my fair-to-medium skin on tips, but would look cute and trendy peeking out from a pair of new peep-toe shoes.

Oh...to be 25 again...not sure if I'd actually go back there -but this does make for a lovely, flattering deep brown polish. Also FBW.

I'll be bringing these polishes over to Jen later today...be sure to check the comments section for her take on them, and tell us all about your favorite shades for fall! photo from essie.com


Blogger Jen said...

OKay so Clutch Me If YOu Can is such a cool Fall color!!! Thanks Gretch for suggesting!!! LOVE IT

11:15 PM  
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