September 24, 2006

Bag Lady, part 1

This fall, there are tons of new trends in handbags. From cable, to oversize, framed, chains, red, 'winter' white...the choices are endless. Here are a few highlights.

The Rafe Islington Amanda Medium Satchel hits on two trends...cable knit and hand-held. Luckily, it's also available in chocolate...a much safer choice for those of us with small children. photo from shop.rafe.com

Chains and gold hardware are impossible to ignore this season. This G-Series Glamour Sport Shoulder bag incorporates both. The leather is soft, beautiful and durable as well. photo from nordstrom.com

The lady-like frame closure becomes a bit youthful as well, thanks to the snakeskin trim and wrist strap on the Coach Satin Framed Clutch. I really needed this last night. Unable to find my pretty clutch (with my husband in the car imaptiently honking the horn for me to hurry it up), I was rescued by my 9 year old who lent me her American Girl red satin handbag. The color did match my dress, and I even received a compliment on it! photo from www.coach.com

Check back tomorrow for a peek at a few more haute handbags.


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