September 7, 2006


There is a site, Coutorture, that you need to go see. It is a compilation of some fashion and beauty blogs that is quite easy to navigate and lots of fun!

This could also serve as the title of this week's Project Runway.

Why can't I sip champagne with Tim Gunn on a yacht on the Sienne? Oh yah, because I have 3 children, a husband and a household to run.

Anyway, this definitely was a challenge. The judges were ruthless ( I loved Catherine's comments as read by Heidi). The designers had to fit their dresses to two different models. They all seemed pretty stressed out, and it showed in their work.

The ghost of Angelas-past was alive & well right there on the back of Vincent's dress in the form of a rosette. Although they're much cuter, Uli's braids are 'signature' ala Angela and the aforementioned floral adornments. I didn't say they aren't pretty - they are. They have, however, lost some of their appeal because they don't appear 'new'...they are almost expected.

Michael's gown was a disappointment...it looked like Malan's dress in the Miss USA challenge- only in blue and with straps & a straighter skirt. I think he was voted "in" due to his history of making beautiful, perfectly fitted and constructed garments, because this gown was none of those things this time.

I agree with the judges that Jeffrey's dress was fresh and well-made. Uli's gown was pretty, and Kayne's reminded me (again) of his winning Miss USA design.

The best part of this episode were the quotes...here are a few...
Uli- "looks like a sofa" ( speaking of the fabric on the bottom of Vincent's creation).
Tim "keep gluing the hell out of it" (to Vincent)
Kayne all dressed up in the beret...so cute! He makes the show a lot of fun!

Next week's show looks to be as drama-packed as ever. Did they say that they're designing for the Olsen twins? That should be interesting.

Let me know what you thought of tonight's episode..."Make it work, people"!
photo from bravotv.com


Anonymous Kristi said...

Ok, those French models were gorgeous. All of them. They actually made some of those dresses look good. I really liked Uli's dress on the French model, but I did NOT think the US model pulled it off. And, strangely enough, I did like Jeffery's dress. I was sure that yellow, cotton plaid was NOT going to work.

All I have to say is...poor Kayne. He is a mess...so was his dress.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Gretchen said...

I know, Kristi, but I just love something about Kayne...

I predict that he will be the next one to be auf'ed.

I can't wait to see if Michael redeems himself or if Jeffrey continues to shine. Uli is due for a win, and it looked like Laura has a meltdown on the next episode...

Only 6 more days 'til we find out!


1:16 PM  

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