August 30, 2006

Who's the Jet-Setter?

You probably won't believe me, but I totally called last week's models...the designers' moms. This week, I am guessing that the jet-setters will be the designers themselves, and they'll design an outfit for another member of the group.

I guess before I go on and on, I should mention that we're talking Project Runway here.

I loved last week's episode. Robert's dress was a total bore as Heidi said, but he seemed to be a really great, nice guy and the other designers seemed sad to see him go. Vincent's dress was very chic and a total 180-degree shift from what we've seen from him so far. I wonder if he's going to design another lovely outfit or go back to crazyland. Uli's ensemble was just right for Kayne's mom...she looked lovely in it, while Kayne certainly could've done a lot more to make Michael's mom more of a hautemomma! I can't think of anything great to say about Angela, Laura (wonder how far along she is) or Jeffrey, but Michael's dress...loved it!

T-minus 10 hours until Episode 8. I will be watching the clock all day. I have already seen Episode 7 twice since it aired, and cried all 3 times. The buzz over on bloggingprojectrunway is that Tim Gunn will be announcing the auf tonight. Time will tell, but until then...Carry on! photo from bravotv.com


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