August 28, 2006

Guilty Pleasure....Celebrity gossip...

Here are my two most memorable outfits from the 58th Emmy awards soiree....

Worst of the evening
The winner is: Ellen Pompeo, sorry Ellen but on the show (Grey's Anatomy) you look 'dirty' and last night was no different. The hair could have looked a little better too....it was a little..well...greasy. Not even the strapless bustier-style gown in purple designed by John Galliano for Christian Dior could put her on my best dressed list.

Best of the evening
The winner is: Heidi Klum!!! She is so beautiful - even that pregnant she is well, glowing!!!! Why can't we all look that good preggo? Just kidding..... For more great reviews, check out Blogdorf Goodman's Blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I please be Heidi Klum in my next life......

12:04 AM  
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