August 31, 2006

Rock On, Jeffrey!

OK, I was pretty close...I called the designers as the jet-setters, but was surprised that they were able to design their own outfits. It would've been lots more fun to see Angela design Jeffrey's outfit, but they didn't ask me.

Jeffrey's rockstar look worked. Michael's hip-hop-meets-Hamptons was unique but wearable. I LOVED Laura's dress...It was beautiful! She looked so elegantly chic. Was it just me, or did Uli's dress looked exactly like the one she wore on the runway on the last episode? Vincent looked great...it wasn't an exciting ensemble, but it wore well and appeared to be comfortable...unlike poor Kayne. I adore his personality and sweet smile...he is my second-favorite on the show (after Tim...love him!), but oh my - his Liberace/Elvis shirt, belt and pants were just too much.

Then there's Angela. I wonder just how many rosettes were on that outfit. She's putting herself at serious risk for carpal tunnel with those things. Upon hearing the verdict of her auf-fing however, she handled herself like a true lady...despite Jeffrey's inability to act like a gentleman.

Only a few more episodes. Who do you think will make it to the final three? photo from bravotv.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find Jeffrey to be a jerk, and thought he looked like Mick Jagger in his druggie days in that outfit. His "macaroni-gluer" comment was a riot!

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeffrey is hot!

3:59 PM  

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