September 17, 2006

And then there were four....

OK...I can finally 'talk' about Kayne's departure. It took me a few days to accept his auf'ing. Weeks ago, I accepted the fact that he was probably not going to win...but he just seems so sweet that I hated to see him go.

How about the look on Jeffrey's face when Angela entered the room? Kayne, Michael, Laura and Uli were less than thrilled to have Angela and Vincent back, but it was Jeffrey who really showed his "dark side" (dark-er, actually) last week.

I am so glad that Laura's cute dress won. It was just so perfect! She knew she needed to branch out, and she did it well. Michael's dress was also a winner. Am I the only one growing bored with Jeffrey's 'punk rock' aesthetic? We all know that the '80s are back, but...he (and Uli) really need to show the judges that they can do something else.

Speaking of the judges, wasn't Zac Posen great! I love his clothes, and have seen him in photos, but hadn't really heard him speak.

Run-don't walk-over to blogging project runway for Getty images of the designers' Fashion Week shows. Wow! Let me know whose you like.

photo from bravotv.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Jeffrey's best but read that someone called them Allison knock0offs. Too funny.

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How cute was Laura's dress?? Loved it!!

10:08 AM  

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