October 20, 2006

Save Your Soles!

Shoe shopping...we all love searching for and finding the perfect shoe, sandal or boot. How many times have you found a style you adore that looks perfect on you and compliments your outfit...only to find out a few hours into a day or evening out that it is actually a medieval torture device in disguise?

Foot petals to the rescue! I have read about these little inserts for years and brushed them off. On a whim, I ordered some the last time I shopped with zappos. Let me tell you, friends, these are miracles. As Lt. Dan told Forrest Gump, "take care of your feet!" (Don't you just love Gary Sinise? He's one of my favorites!)

Save your soles with foot petals at zappos.com...they also have free shipping both ways right now & lots of cute styles on sale!

photos from zappos.com and imdb.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

needed these last weekend-thanks

5:28 PM  

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