October 27, 2006

Fragrant Indulgences

Whatever your mood, Tocca candles provide a pastiche of dazzle and comfort. Try Cleopatra for a clean, soothing bath accompaniment, or let the sensuous scent of Rodolfo spice up the bedroom. Give your living room an exotic, sophisticated tone with 007, or use Sofia for a fresh, pure scent in your kitchen. Feu de Touch is a timeless classic for any room in the home, letting you mix and match your ever-changing mood. Check out the Tocca Beauty Travel Candle Set

Make the mundane task of handwashing laundry a pleasure with Tocca Laundry Delicate

The 'touch' fragrance is lovely-not overpowering like some detergents or fabric softeners. It lasts forever, is easy to travel with, and is gentle on your fine fabrics & sweaters.
photos and some text from sephora.com


Anonymous Katie L. said...

Love the site, girls!

How is their bath and body line???


8:18 AM  

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