September 28, 2006

The Finalists

If you happened to check out bloggingprojectrunway last week, then you saw the four fashion week collections and weren't surprised that there was no auf'ing this week.

I really don't have much to say about this week's episode as I found it to be rather dull. Uli is probably thanking her lucky stars that she took Tim's advice and cut that dress down to a mini! And what's up with Jeffrey as a Dad? I had no idea.

Next week's reunion show is what I'm really looking forward to ....I can't wait to hear what Jeffrey & Angela have to say. But- I really can't wait to hear about who Keith blames for tattling on him about the design books that got him auf'd. You all know who my fan favorite is (Kayne)...who is your fave designer & who do you think will win? I predict Uli or Michael...
photo from bravotv.com

September 27, 2006

Leggings Poll Results....NEVER!

Well Many of you agree with us that the come back trend of the 80's leggings should have stayed...well...in the 80's. Sorry to those who like them...no offense.

Love them!
10% (2 votes)

Okay for loungin'
30% (6 votes)

60% (12 votes)

Total Votes: 20 submitted
Thank you to all those who voted...we love you!!!


September 26, 2006

Bag Lady, Part 2

There are so many options this season when it comes to updating your handbag. All of the magazines have big features on them. Here are a few more of our favorites...

Bordeaux patent leather pairs with the simple classic hobo silhouette in this Hype Verushka bag. Order it from Zappos with free shipping. photo from zappos.com

"Winter White" bags are in all of the magazines this fall. This one from Coach has braided handles, their famous soft soho leather, and lots of pockets and pouches to make it ultra user-friendly (e.g. no more digging for the ringing cell phone). At your local coach or department store. photo from www.coach.com

I am a big fan of Francesco Biasia bags. The leather is great, they hold up really well, and the styles are timeless. Their Cosmic Cure Large Satchel is in keeping with the 'doctor' bag trend that's hot this fall. In black and brown. photo from zappos.com

Be sure to check out September and October issues of Lucky, InStyle, O, Shop Etc, Vogue and W for more great bags.

September 24, 2006

Bag Lady, part 1

This fall, there are tons of new trends in handbags. From cable, to oversize, framed, chains, red, 'winter' white...the choices are endless. Here are a few highlights.

The Rafe Islington Amanda Medium Satchel hits on two trends...cable knit and hand-held. Luckily, it's also available in chocolate...a much safer choice for those of us with small children. photo from shop.rafe.com

Chains and gold hardware are impossible to ignore this season. This G-Series Glamour Sport Shoulder bag incorporates both. The leather is soft, beautiful and durable as well. photo from nordstrom.com

The lady-like frame closure becomes a bit youthful as well, thanks to the snakeskin trim and wrist strap on the Coach Satin Framed Clutch. I really needed this last night. Unable to find my pretty clutch (with my husband in the car imaptiently honking the horn for me to hurry it up), I was rescued by my 9 year old who lent me her American Girl red satin handbag. The color did match my dress, and I even received a compliment on it! photo from www.coach.com

Check back tomorrow for a peek at a few more haute handbags.


September 19, 2006

Haute Halloween - Requests from HMS

Halloween is one of our FAVORITE Haute Holidays!!! If you celebrate this fun time of year with great costumes, fun crafts and other neat ideas....please share them with us!!!

We will be posting the images and ideas on our blog so send us your best!!!!

Lillian Vernon Online

Haute Wines

If you love the grape like we do, check these out. Great tasting wines and fun bottles...what more could you ask for!

Just like the name, Little Black Dress wines go with everything. Light and easy to drink, they're perfect for those with a less-sophisticated palate. Ususally priced under $15 a bottle, but check with your local distributor for an exact price.

We served Mad Housewife Chardonnay with a salad at lunch last week, and it was perfect. Flavors of melon, pear and Fuji apple abound. Hints of cinnamon, light toasty oak, and a creamy finish make it the perfect choice for dinner, fun events, or a simple moment to yourself.

Other great vinos like Yvecourt Rouge Bordeaux, Topian Chardonnay, and Alexander Valley Vineyards Syrah can be found reasonably priced and ready to ship at mywinesdirect.com

We almost forgot to mention Virgin Wines....a definite MUST! Visit them online and find out all about them. Don't forget to try 2004 Virgin Chardonnay....excellent.

My Wines Direct - FreeShipping

September 18, 2006

Haute Pediatrician Profile - Dr. Beth Hawse

Hautemomma Profile

Last week, Jen and Gretchen were privileged to enjoy a yummy lunch and glass of wine with Hautemomma and Pediatrician, Dr. Beth Hawse.

Our friend, Beth paractices two days a week with Commonwealth Pediatrics. She is married to David (who is also a Pediatrician with CP) and is the mother of 3 sweet children. Beth shared her tips on everything from packing the diaper bag to preventing the flu.

Here's what we discussed:

HMS: Debunk some common myths for us
Dr. Hawse: One common misconception is that you can spoil a baby. That's just not true for a baby under six months of age. Babies need to be held, and you need to respond to an infant's cries. Although you can start some habits that you might not want to continue, you can't spoil a baby.

HMS: Feed a cold, starve a fever?
Dr. Hawse: No. Babies and children may become dehydrated quickly, especially if they have a fever. It's important to encourage fluids, even milk, when a child is sick and let them eat what they want.

HMS: What about the vaccine-autism connection?
Dr. Hawse: There have been extensive studies which have definitively shown that Autism is not caused by vaccination, specifically MMR. Autism is a devastating disease which affects social interaction of those that are afflicted. This results in dysfunction of their relationships with those that they love and that love them. It is a very difficult for families to cope with the disease.

There have been millions of dollars spent in attempts to identify a cause of this disease. Recently there has been a link to the age of fathers (greater than 40 years) at the time of the child's birth. Likely there are multiple factors which all contribute to the development of this disease. At this time there are no known preventative measures to combat autism. We encourage parents to discuss any concerns that they may have with their pediatrician.

I guess the take home message is that although autism is clearly not caused by vaccination, many life-threatening diseases are prevented by vaccination. I am often asked about the risks of vaccinations. I tell my patients' parents the bottom line is that my husband and I have fully vaccinated all of our children. If we thought that the risks of vaccination were greater than the benefits, we would not risk our own children's health.

HMS: Do you have any advice for new parents:
Dr. Hawse: Relax and enjoy your baby. They really are only this little for such a short time. You are their rock, and babies sense if you're stressed. While you're in the hospital, trust the nurses and doctors. When you're at home and something worries you, just call your Pediatrician and ask them about it. That's what we're there for. Again, know the milestones and if you have a concern discuss it with your Pediatrician. Also, try not to enable delays. It is very easy to do and not even realize it. Don't be afraid to let your baby do things for his/herself.

A great reference book I suggest is the AAP book, Caring for Your Baby and Young Child Birth to Age 5.

HMS: Cold and flu season is approaching...any advice?
Dr. Hawse: Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. It really makes a big difference. The AAP has also recommended a flu shot for children from 6 months of age through 59 months of age AND for their household contacts-like parents, siblings and caregivers. Ask your OB about the flu shot during pregnancy. Nursing moms can receive the flu shot and will pass some protective antibodies on to their baby through breast milk. Even with all these precautions, it's still normal to have 10-12 colds a year.

HMS: How has being a pediatrician changed for you since becoming a mom?
Dr. Hawse: Being a mom has definitely helped with the day to day stuff like discipline and behavior. I couldn't have been around so many sick kids during my Residency if I had my own at the time. It has made me really empathetic for anyone with a sick child.

HMS: How do you juggle it all...work, husband, family time, time for yourself?
Dr. Hawse: Do what's right for you and for your family at that moment. You have to just do what you can and let the rest go. Make time for you-it's hard to have your own thing, but you need to keep your sanity and sense of self.

HMS: What is the hardest thing to find time for?
Dr. Hawse: Reading. I can't even remember the last book I read for pleasure when I was not on vacation. I read continuing education journals in my truck in line at school. You have to find 5 minutes here and there when you can.

HMS: Tell us about your style for days off and for at the office.
Dr. Hawse: On days at home, I'm in some combo of jeans, tees and sweats. I walk in the morning (exercise is the 2nd hardest thing to fit in) and shower in the afternoon. At the office, I try to be stylish yet professional-not frumpy.

HMS: What is your favorite shoe for running around all day with the kids?
Dr. Hawse: I like Dansko clogs. I've gotten a lot of the ladies at the office wearing them, too. I also have a pair of Donald J Pliner sandals that I wear often.

HMS: What's in your diaper bag? Any must-haves you'd like to tell us about?
Dr. Hawse: Aquaphor. I have one tub for bottoms and one tub for cheeks and hands. It's great! I keep a diaper bag packed in each car and restock it once a week or so. I carry a big purse to stash a paci or cup in.

HMS: What's in your makeup bag? Any favorites you'd like to share:
Dr. Hawse: I use gloMinerals from
Dermstore.com. I am addicted to Burt's Bees lip balm and I like Bobbi Brown spf 15 lip gloss and Nars Lip gloss and blush.

HMS: If you had a sitter for two whole days, totally alone, what would you do / where would you go?
Dr. Hawse: I would go to Scottsdale, AZ to a spa and read, take walks in the desert and recharge!

For more information about Dr. Beth Hawse and Commonwealth Pediatrics, please visit their website - www.cwpeds.com.

pictured above from left to right, Jen, Dr. Beth Hawse, Gretchen


September 17, 2006

And then there were four....

OK...I can finally 'talk' about Kayne's departure. It took me a few days to accept his auf'ing. Weeks ago, I accepted the fact that he was probably not going to win...but he just seems so sweet that I hated to see him go.

How about the look on Jeffrey's face when Angela entered the room? Kayne, Michael, Laura and Uli were less than thrilled to have Angela and Vincent back, but it was Jeffrey who really showed his "dark side" (dark-er, actually) last week.

I am so glad that Laura's cute dress won. It was just so perfect! She knew she needed to branch out, and she did it well. Michael's dress was also a winner. Am I the only one growing bored with Jeffrey's 'punk rock' aesthetic? We all know that the '80s are back, but...he (and Uli) really need to show the judges that they can do something else.

Speaking of the judges, wasn't Zac Posen great! I love his clothes, and have seen him in photos, but hadn't really heard him speak.

Run-don't walk-over to blogging project runway for Getty images of the designers' Fashion Week shows. Wow! Let me know whose you like.

photo from bravotv.com


September 15, 2006

Hautemommas' Night Out

Thank you to everyone who attended last night's Hautemommas's night out at White House Black Market in Hamburg. We hope you had as much fun as we did! There were about 27 Hautemommas in attendance, and we had a blast shopping, chatting, sipping, and munching! Everyone left with a goody bag full of treats and deals from White House Black Market, Total Med and Hautemommastuff, LLC.

Congrats to White House Black Market on winning the "Best new store opened in the last year" category in the ACE Weekly 10th Annual Best of Lex Awards! Ashley and her staff were lots of fun and so helpful. With the generous discount we all received last night, everyone was able to find some great pieces to add to our fall wardrobes.

We are so grateful to Total Med for the generous donation of 3 $200 cash vouchers for their anti-aging, aesthetic or weight loss services. The vouchers were raffled off with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Bluegrass Miracle League. drumroll.......

And the winners are: Eve Stern, Allison Williams and Melia Schmidt! Congratulations, ladies! Let us know what you have done!

Stay tuned for information on our October event...it's sure to be the talk of the town!


September 12, 2006

Green with Envy

Check out who got to meet the fabulous Tim Gunn!!! None other than the Beauty Addict. Also check out her interviews from the Spring '07 shows at Fashion Week. She had access to lots of great shows...check them out!

September 11, 2006

Hautemommastuff (HMS) Fall Trend Must-Have Shoes

Any or all of the following shoes and check out the prices!!!

Target (HMS loves Target!): Isaac Mizrahi Brea Short Boots $36.99; can't beat the price and the platform is sooo hot for Fall!

Target (again of course): Isaac Mizrahi Chiara Tall-Shaft Boots $36.99; another great boot from Isaac!

ALDO: FLORIMENE platform pump $89.99; first of all platform pumps are so sexy this fall and this one from Aldo can be paired with your favorite jeans as much as your fave skirt....have it your way....

ALDO: Their version of a Cowboy Boot $99.99; sorry but everyone needs a great pair of casual cowboy-style boots and these are not too 'Urban Cowboyish' to feel like you're headed to the rodeo.

ALDO: MAGGIE Tall Boot $99.99; stylish tall black or brown pull-on boot. What differentiates this boot from the similar Nine West boot? Price and it is a pull-on, therefore you don't get that annoying bulge from your zipper (under jeans or dress pants) and they are better for athletic calves.

September 10, 2006

She's Having a Baby

OK, I know 7 ladies expecting babies between September and December. It's time to do some quick online shopping so I won't be empty-handed when the new little angels arrive. Here's a peek at what I'll be ordering from some of my favorite boutiques:
PTD Affiliate Banner 1 I love Pink Taffy Designs! They have some of the cutest gifts out there for the little ones. I am ordering a few Two Tone Baby Blankets in lime & raspberry for the girls and lime & turquoise for the little guys. Soft and beautiful-Momma and Baby will both love these, especially as it gets cooler outside! Their room decor is lovely, too...I have a hard time tearing myself away from here.

crocheted baby booties How precious are these little booties from Hip and Little?! This fun site also has great toys for new big brothers and sisters as well! For little ones that are already named, they offer lots of personalized options, too. Click the booties and check out their amazing selection of diaper bags, fun bibs & feeding accessories, organic skincare for baby's sensitive skin and more!

For the new parents, there are some great books that will definitely prove useful. Of course, I'm talking about "What to Expect the First Year". I am also a big fan of Dr. Sears' "The Baby Book". We read just about every parenting book available when our daughter was born 9 years ago...Here are some other excellent references first-timers will appreciate as well.

Now that the gifts are on their way, all that's left to arrive are the BABIES!!!

Poll Results - More $$ spent on kids clothes or your clothes....

First, THANK YOU to those who participated!

Let's just say we really want our kiddos to look good!

Haute Momma's Clothing

30% (4 votes)

Haute Tot's Clothing

69% (9 votes)

Total Votes: 13

September 7, 2006


There is a site, Coutorture, that you need to go see. It is a compilation of some fashion and beauty blogs that is quite easy to navigate and lots of fun!

This could also serve as the title of this week's Project Runway.

Why can't I sip champagne with Tim Gunn on a yacht on the Sienne? Oh yah, because I have 3 children, a husband and a household to run.

Anyway, this definitely was a challenge. The judges were ruthless ( I loved Catherine's comments as read by Heidi). The designers had to fit their dresses to two different models. They all seemed pretty stressed out, and it showed in their work.

The ghost of Angelas-past was alive & well right there on the back of Vincent's dress in the form of a rosette. Although they're much cuter, Uli's braids are 'signature' ala Angela and the aforementioned floral adornments. I didn't say they aren't pretty - they are. They have, however, lost some of their appeal because they don't appear 'new'...they are almost expected.

Michael's gown was a disappointment...it looked like Malan's dress in the Miss USA challenge- only in blue and with straps & a straighter skirt. I think he was voted "in" due to his history of making beautiful, perfectly fitted and constructed garments, because this gown was none of those things this time.

I agree with the judges that Jeffrey's dress was fresh and well-made. Uli's gown was pretty, and Kayne's reminded me (again) of his winning Miss USA design.

The best part of this episode were the quotes...here are a few...
Uli- "looks like a sofa" ( speaking of the fabric on the bottom of Vincent's creation).
Tim "keep gluing the hell out of it" (to Vincent)
Kayne all dressed up in the beret...so cute! He makes the show a lot of fun!

Next week's show looks to be as drama-packed as ever. Did they say that they're designing for the Olsen twins? That should be interesting.

Let me know what you thought of tonight's episode..."Make it work, people"!
photo from bravotv.com

September 6, 2006

Grandparents' Day

Don't forget! This Sunday, September 10th is Grandparents' Day.

Honor the Grandparents in your life with a special gift. Shutterfly has some great offerings, and if you hurry, you can have them shipped to you in a flash: Create a classic keepsake in minutes with this 8.5 x 11" storybook. Upload your images and create text quickly for a gift that Grandparents will treasure. Shutterfly is a major timesaver for me. I never bother to save my photos to disk, I just upload them to Shutterfly, and know that they are safely archived until I'm ready to order. They have great deals, quick processing & shipping, and are super-easy to use! Check out the special offer from shutterfly at the top of the page!

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Walmart.com also has some fun photo options. Create a photo calendar, mug or magnet online and pick it up at the store. Grandma and Grandpa (Grammy, Granddad, Nana, Pop.....) will love it!


Send a lovely gift basket. There are many beauties available at igourmet.com, or you can customize your own basket. Enroll them in the coffee-or-tea of the month club. I may have to send myself a gift while I'm at it!


September 5, 2006

Poll Results - 30 Mins to Yourself....

Paint your nails
11% (1 vote)

Read a magazine
33% (3 votes)

Quickie with hubby
11% (1 vote)

Clean house
11% (1 vote)

Take a nap
22% (2 votes)

11% (1 vote)

Total Votes: 9

At least Clean House did NOT win!!! Way to go Ladies!!!


September 2, 2006

Great Drugstore Bargain Items

Labor Day weekend and you did not have time to get your mani / pedi or you just need a fresh coat of paint on your recent pedi before one of the last BBQ's of the summer....don't worry; Maybelline New York express finish advanced wear fast-dry nail color is here! This is the BEST - especially with children. It dries in serious seconds! My two fave colors; Brisk Berry and Racy Red!

You are on your way to the Labor Day festivities and you notice that pesky red spot (no not a zit, we don't get zits, it's called a 'red spot' [denial]) on your face is still visible....Never fear...Maybelline Cover Stick Concealer is here! It is so great and so cheap! Definitely a makeup bag must-have!

Images; Copyright ©2006 L'Oréal USA, Inc

September 1, 2006

Stock up at Sephora

Sephora...it's the beauty mecca! Great customer service, a no-fuss return policy, lots of great samples, and quick shipping - what's not to love? Here are some of my favorites:

The Philosophy Micro-Delivery Peel has changed my skin more than any prescription cream I've ever tried. I am one of the lucky ones with adult acne and a few fine lines. Since using this treatment, I can barely see my pores, have had hardly any blemishes, and am not noticing the lines as much (I refuse to use the w-word).

I want to kiss the person who invented the Pout Eyewander concealer pen. It is sheer genius and a definite must have for the new hautemomma! Up all night? No one will ever know. The lemony concealer brightens dark circles and decreases puffiness. I apply after moisturizer and before foundation.

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment has changed my life! How's that for a testimonial? Seriously, this is a miracle in a jar. It changes from a solid to an exotic liquid palm oil when you blend just a bit of product in your hand. I use it weekly as a pre-shampoo deep conditioner, before heat-styling, and as a shine enhancer. My hair has never looked or felt better (my husband loves the scent, too!)

If it's good enough for Oprah...

Frederic Fekkai La Creme Luxueuse is a worthy indulgence. This decadently rich shea body moisturizer will have you hooked after your first use. Dry body skin will be transformed. Order a back-up, as this is frequently sold out, and once you try it, you won't want to be without it!

all photos from www.sephora.com


Doula or don't ya?

Doula (definition from Wikipedia): a non-medical assistant in prenatal care, childbirth and during the postpartum period

Doula (definition from Jen): calming, patient, wonderful support during birth. Support only a woman could give a woman. Helps calm your husband too. Husbands know someone else is there who knows exactly what to do.

It appears, to me, there is a misconception of why one would choose to hire a Doula. Every single time I tell people I had a Doula they say things like, 'you had your baby at your house?' or 'Oh my gosh, you didn't have any drugs?' First of all, THANK GOD FOR DRUGS! (during birth that is).... Also, not all Doula's are Mid-Wives!!!

No, my husband and I choose to invite a Doula to be part of our birth experience because I (Jen) needed her. Why? you ask...because my husband is very very uneasy in hospitals, around blood, needles etc...he has had issues with this his whole life, fainting, vomiting etc...We decided he would obviously be part of the whole labor process until major blood. After telling him to basically SUCK IT UP, I also thought to myself; if he does faint and ends up not being there for me, who will be????? I thought very hard about this and my options.

Option 1 - My Mom; Good heavens, I LOVE my mother, but do I want her holding my leg while I push out my child? Do I want her asking me mid-push, "Jenny, are you listening to your doctor, do you hear your doctor?," or "sweetie, why didn't you just put your hair up, you'd have been so much cooler right about now." Okay, right about then is when I would have slugged her....so NO

Option 2 - Alone....uh...no

Option 3 - Sister; I thought very good possibility. We are very close, but she too has a family and I really wanted someone there the entire time - all stages of laboring

Option 4 - Doula? I read about them, talked with friends that had used one

So, we interviewed a Doula our good friends used, Anne Rust of Baby Moom here in Lexington. From the moment she entered our house, I loved her. She was calming, kind, patient and totally there for me. Sure she respected my husband, but this was going to be about me...MOM!

Anne was WONDERFUL! She was on-call through out my pregnancy, taught me prenatal yoga at her studio, which I think is a MUST, and was at the hospital with me (and hubby) from the time I was admitted. She knew exactly what to do and when. If I was thirsty I didn't even have to ask, it was like she read my mind, while my husband (God love him) was not that 'in tune' with me. He was there, but like most men, not really there.....She encouraged my husband and me to write a birth plan so she would know exactly what I wanted if I could not ask for it for some reason. This was great and she WAS NOT intimidated by any nurse, doctor etc...when telling them what I wanted at the same time she respected their space and requests.

I had a phenomenal experience with a Doula and I would suggest one to all couples. They are a GREAT buffer too when you start to get pissed or tired or whatever.....I am a poster child for Doulas! HOWEVER, all couples are different. As we all know, the birthing experience is a very private and personal one. Well, actually it is what you and your husband decide to make it. So, a Doula may not fit your style, but it definitely fit ours....

From Wikipedia,"The word doula comes from Greek, and refers to a woman who personally serves another woman. In Greece, the word has some negative connotations, denoting "slave" or "servant of God," as some doulas have inadvertently discovered through their international social networks. For this reason, some women performing professional labor support choose to call themselves labor assistants. Anthropologist Dana Raphael first used this term to refer to experienced mothers who assisted new mothers in breastfeeding and newborn care in the Philippines[citation needed]. Thus the term arose initially with reference to the postpartum context, and is still used in that domain. Medical researchers Marshall Klaus and John Kennell, who conducted the first of several randomized clinical trials on the medical outcomes of doula attended births, adopted the term to refer to labor support as well as prenatal and postpartum support.

Doula Sites: