October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat...

Don't be tempted to dig into the kids' candy baskets after they've gone to bed.

Slim Delices Slimming Chocolates are from one of my favorite websites... blissworld.com. Here's what the website has to say: "Bliss Exclusive- Who says 'slimming chocolate' is an oxymoron? This natural formulation of plant extracts and antioxidant-rich cacao can bring sweet success to your diet and exercise program. Just three pieces of this fine French dark chocolate a day will help curb cravings and contain curves. In clinical studies, participants lost an average of 4 pounds in 1 month. One box contains 24 pieces. "

Check them out here. While you're there, check out the MBT sneakers. photo and text from blissworld.com.

Happy Halloween!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yum...i'm willing to try these for sure!

what do you think of those MBT's? i've seen them at John's and am not convinced...

12:57 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

Okay, so I know I will go to MANY lenghts to preserve, lift, tuck, augment etc...but the MBTs....don't think so....I would NEVER have lipo (the fat straw scares me) but these are scary too. However, I might wear them around my house in private....there is an idea....

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

so my sister, who has tried any and every diet plan/ exercise idea/ diet food and eats the most bizarre foods has the MBT shoes and says "ehh" about if they work or not. She's says they weren't worth the money so i would not invest in those, just walk an extra 10 minutes and you'll get about the same results plus they are NOT very attractive, atleast the ones she has

9:15 PM  

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