January 4, 2007

HauteSpot Interview: Annie Williams, Salon Eight

Annie Williams - Hair Maven and Salon Owner
Salon Eight 121 Malabu Dr, Lexington-KY 40503
(859) 278-0058

Annie Williams is a true Haute Momma! At just 25 years old she has been cutting and coloring hair for some time now and has a major 'who's who' clientele list. Not to mention the recent opening of her salon, Salon Eight. She is a true talent and amazing with cut, color and product knowledge.

Favorite vacation spot?

Favorite restaurant (local or not)?
Local: Rossi's
Asheville N.C.: SALSAS-can't even begin to tell you how fab it is!

Style icon?
Marc Jacobs, I guess. He has great classics. I also like Chloe a lot lately.
As for just an icon.................she isn't now, but she probably will be some day.
Sandra Oh -a.k.a. Dr. Yang from Gray's Anatomy!

Favorite gift to give?
I recently gave my dad an indoor orange tree with full-sized, seedless oranges.
It was a hit, and I thought it was unique

What's in your beauty bag?
EBTKS( Everything but the Kitchen Sink)
(FYI - HMS loves this acronym:)

Favorite hotel (local or not)?
Locally, I think that Campbell House is the best.
Not locally- I like small, local hotels; not chains when I travel.

Cocktail of choice?
Either a red bull/vodka( i know, i know) or a Downtown, which is a Salty Dog( Grapefruit and vodka) w/o the salt rim. Oh, and always the Bubbly.

Style advice?
Personalize it!
Wear what makes you comfortable, accessorize with complimentary colors.

What is style?
An outward expression of what's inside

What is at the top of your style / wardrobe wish list?
A fantastic black, cropped blazer and some great running shoes are what I'm scouting for these days

Hair advice?
Always COMB through product in wet hair; this ensures that it is evenly distributed, creates consistency. Also, don't overdry the top of your hair, it gets the brunt of the damage anyways. Instead, section it out of the way with a clippie and save the top for last!


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