December 21, 2006

Noir Ceramic

Not long ago, Chanel's Black Satin caused a stampede at the counters. Bottles were gone in minutes.

Then they started turning up on Ebay for hundreds of dollars.

I learned of Noir Ceramic's pending arrival via one of my fave morning reads...Blogdorf Goodman....and I got lucky yesterday. I was cruising through Dillards just as the boxes were being delivered to the Chanel counter. Here's my haul...
I 'm having my nails done tomorrow in the Noir Ceramic & will post a photo afterwards. The gloss is the new Paillettes Glossimer. It is the perfect shimmery pink...not at all dusky, but not bubblegum...I may need to go and secure a back-up of this one. I'm also thinking I need to get the Blanc Ceramic polish.
Update: Here's a photo of Noir Ceramic on my nails. I love the iridescence...it looks much less harsh than the more matte black of Black Satin. It took 2 coats and 15 minutes of drying time but was well worth the wait!!
A big thanks to the beautiful Mina at Chanel for digging through the boxes for me!


Blogger Dinah said...

You are so lucky!

12:22 PM  
Blogger Parisjasmal said...

Hey Gretchen..I was lucky enough to get a bottle of this sent to me too. It looks great on you.
Unfortunately my husband loathes black nail polish and tells me it looks bad. Pox on him.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Gretchen said...

Hey Jen
My husband can't stand the black either...He says it makes my hands look "old"...Thanks, Honey!

5:50 PM  

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