August 25, 2007

HauteSpot Interview: Kristin Ingwell Goode, Editor

Kristin Ingwell Goode
Editor, Environmentalist, Momma-to-be!, but already one serious hautemomma!

Chevy Chaser / Southsider
Smiley Pete Publications
434 Old Vine Street
Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 266.6537

Kristin is such a delightful and refreshing person to know. Just listening to her talk about ways we can become more environmentally conscious takes this concept to a whole new level. Kristin not only supports environmental awareness, but she continues to support and promote the local communities in which she associates herself.

One thing HMS has learned from her example; try harder to research unique ways companies, we buy from daily, are working to help improve our world. Many, of our favorite, retail brands have implemented numerous recycling programs we can take advantage of everyday!

Now many of you know Kristin as the editor of two very popular reads, the Chevy Chaser and the Southsider magazines. Kristin is just about to take maternity leave to have her first baby!!! However, she works hard and does a great job keeping these two haute magazines wildly popular!

Get to know Kristin a little better below and find out more why she is more than worthy of the HauteSpot!
Favorite vacation Spot?
Anywhere with good restaurants and a good farmers market.
Portland, Oregon is a favorite, and Toronto was a fantastic city to visit.

Favorite restaurant (local or not)?
The Holly Hill Inn in Midway. If given a choice I always lean toward any locally owned restaurants that also serve local products.

Style Icon?
Charlotte from "Sex In the City."
I would love to have her closet (and her stylist!)

Favorite gift to give?
Anything made locally or by hand. I recently found a friend a gift at the Woodland Art Fair--perfect because it wasone-of-a-kind and not mass produced.

What's in your beauty bag?
Three different lip liners and a sharpener(from Origins, Aveda, and The Body Shop), two different shades of pinkgloss, a neutral Arbonne lipstick, a powder compact, four hair clips, Band-Aids, Burt's Bees cuticle creme (my cuticles would look better if I'd use it rather than just carry it around), my emergency container (with bobby pins, pain relievers, lozenges, and safety pins), two nailfiles, and Trident gum (original flavor, in case anyone's wondering).

Favorite hotel (local or not)?
I haven't been to one yet but aspire to spend a couple nights in a Four Seasons someday.

Cocktail of choice?
I do like cocktails, including raspberry martinis, but really good Pinot Noir is my favorite alcoholic beverage.

Style advice?
I'm really not the person to give style advice, although there do seem to be a lot more don'ts around than dos to take to heart. I'll just say I think it's better to blend in than stand out for the wrong reason when style is concerned.

What is style?
Although I work in words, that is a tough one to define.

What is at the top of your style / wardrobe wish list?
A brand new non-maternity outfit!
Beyond that, I'd love to find a snazzy fitted pink winter coat, but not sure I'm brave enough to pull it off. (HMS thinks she is - go for it!)

Favorite Mantra?
Commit yourself to constant self improvement.

What would be your first step to making Lexington, KY more eco-friendly?
First--getting local businesses, especially those that serve lots of items in plastic or glass containers to actually recycle, rather than throw away, those items. That drives me crazy! Hearing a trash can full of glass bottles being dumped into a garbage truck headed for the landfill. Ugh. Second--encourage everyone who has cityservices to actually use their Rosie.

If you could interview anyone for your publication, who would it be and why?
Linda Bruckheimer (wife of Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer).
They have a home in rural Kentucky and have invested a lot of time,money, and effort into the local economy, but apparently are not eagerto talk about it to the press.

You are very environmentally conscious, what are your favorite eco-friendly brands/products?
I love Burt's Bees and I'm thrilled to see it turn up in mainstream stores. I am a big fan of Seventh Generation and ecover household cleaning products. I also really like Preserve products. They work with Stonyfield Farm to use recycled yogurt cups to make toothbrushes, reusable razors, and even plastic cutlery and tableware (instead of paper for picnics, large parties, or kids). If you order their razors online, they even send you a postage-paid envelope to return them to the company when you are done so they will recycle them again. I love that!


Blogger Gretchen said...

Best Wishes to you and Chris!
Enjoy these last few weeks before your little one arrives...what an exciting time!

11:53 AM  
Blogger Jen said...

Kristin and her husband Chris welcomed William McKenna Goode to the world on Sunday! He weighed in at 7lbs. 9oz!!! Momma and Baby are happy and healthy!!! Way to go Hautemomma!!!!!

11:34 PM  

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