March 13, 2007

HauteSpot Interview: Fiona Young-Brown, Life Coach and more

Fiona Young-Brown - Life Coach, Teacher, Counselor and Candle Maker
http://www.fionayoungbrown.com/ - fionascoachingblog.blogspot.com -

Fiona has lived a very interesting and adventurous life! From being born in England to living in Japan, the Bavarian Alps, Iowa and now Lexington, she had many tales to share as well as experiences. Fiona has a Ph.D. in Women's Studies and Japanese.

Not to mention she is also an amazing candle maker! She owns Kentish Maid Candles - a touch of England in the heart of the Bluegrass! These candles are wonderful! I purchased some during the holidays and I must say they burn cleaner and the smell lasts much longer than most. They are American Soy Wax, which is also lead free!


Favorite vacation Spot?
I absolutely adore travel so I could say anywhere and everywhere. I love Paris and would love to go back. Alaska, India and Italy are at the top of my to-go list.

Favorite restaurant (local or not)?
Locally, I like a lot of the smaller, ethnic restaurants - Sugano, Tokyo Sushi, Izakaya Yamaguchi, Koreana. The Three Suns Bistro on Nicholasville road is FABULOUS! Incidentally, if you ever find yourself in Deadwood, SD, I had a memorably delicious meal once at Jakes, the restaurant above the Midnight Star casino, both owned by Kevin Costner.

Style Icon?
Katherine Hepburn. Her look was timeless

Favorite gift to give?
Candles are always a fabulous gift although obviously I'm a little biased there.

What's in your beauty bag?
I love my Clinique chubby stick in Grapevine. I don't spend a lot of time on make-up unless I'm dressing for a night out, so I like products that are quick and reliable. Mascara is always a must! I also love Avon's Be Blushed since it provides great color for my cheeks and eyes. Tinted moisturizer and Neutrogena sun block is a must as I burn very easily.

Favorite hotel (local or not)?
Several of the hotels in Tokyo. There was one in Ginza although unfortunately I don't remember its name. Japanese hotels are always wonderful because of the onsen (hot steam baths).

Cocktail of choice?
I am more of a red wine or Irish Cream girl, although I will admit to a fondness for mimosas.

Style advice?
Worry less about seasonal trends and more about what suits your body, looks and personality. Don't wear a certain color just because it's 'in'. Wear it because it brings you to life.

What is style?
Knowing what works for you and feeling comfortable and confident when you're wearing it.

What is at the top of your style / wardrobe wish list?
I'm still on my lifelong search for the best fitting and flattering pair of jeans. My other current wishes are a fitted burgundy velvet jacket and the perfect pair of Victorian style boots.

Favorite Mantra?
You don't regret the things you do. You'll regret the things you didn't do.

I like to consider myself a Renaissance Soul, meaning I do a variety of different things. I am a fully certified coach through the Coach Training Alliance and I specialize in two different markets. I coach women and couples who are going through infertility, a subject I have also written many articles on. I also coach women who want to break out of their regular routine, move past whatever fear is holding them back, and make some major (and exciting) changes in their lives. For those who are unfamiliar with coaching, it is a very dynamic process. It involves some counseling, but more importantly it is very goal focused. I am a counselor, mentor and guide rolled into one and my role is really to ensure you remain accountable to you and me. Coaching is good only if you are truly committed to making a change and are prepared to make goals and stick to them. You can learn more at my websites, www.fionayoungbrown.com and my new one, which is still under construction, www.movingbeyondfear.com.

As well as coaching, I also run my own soy candle business, Kentish Maid Candles. I started making candles as a hobby and switched to soy when I found that paraffin was very irritating to my husband's allergies. I love working with soy as it is very clean burning. I work at some craft shows, but also sell through my website, http://www.kentishmaidcandles.com/ and home parties.


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