July 2, 2007

HauteSpot Interview: Heather Morris, Mod Boutique

Heather Morris
Boutique Owner, Fashion-forward, Trendsetter and Seriously Stylish

Mod Boutique
828 E. High Street, Lexington, KY
(859) 335.6631

Heather Morris is probably one of the most popular people in Lexington right now to those looking for high fashion and great quality clothing. Not only is her boutique, Mod, filled with the Hautest and latest jeans (especially the ones celebrities wear!) but she has the best tops, dresses, menswear, jewelry, handbags, shoes and even t-shirts! The flat screens in her boutique are, not only a totally haute idea, but constantly streaming runway shows and fashion events showcasing Mod's latest and greatest!

But this isn't just about the Haute Digs Heather continues to carry and guarantees her store to be filled with - no it is about Heather Morris and why we think she is so totally HAUTE!!!

Check out her interview below to find out more and you must visit Mod Boutique ASAP - if you haven't already!


Favorite vacation Spot?
Toss up between, Cabo San Lucas and Sailing the B.V.I's

Favorite restaurant (local or not)?
My favorite local irestaurant is Bellinis. But I have to say that my favorite restaurant of all time is Jimmy's in Aspen, Co. It's SOOO good!

Style Icon?
I love the styles of Sienna Miller and Kate Moss---they are such trend starters!

Favorite gift to give?
Gifts that people really need or have wanted for a long time. One time I bought my sister a dishwasher for Christmas and we both cried!

What's in your beauty bag?
Too much to list, but here are my favs and "everydayers"----Nars blush and lipgloss in Orgasm. Bronzer by Nars in Laguna. Pencil Eyeliner by Makeup Forever because I have to have my eyeliner on at all times! And my favorite mascara--I have tried all kinds expensive and cheap, but the best mascara is Loreal 3D mascara in blackest black, it makes your eyelashes look really long and thick! At night I use Kinerase Face Serum and Lotion.

Favorite hotel (local or not)?
I have to admit that I have stayed at some really awesome hotels, it is one of my guilty pleasures, so it makes it hard to pick but my favorite. But I will narrow it down to The One and Only Palmilla Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, it was absolutely ridiculous, very over the top nice. Also, in St. Barts the Eden Rock---AMAZING! And then when I am in NYC, I love to stay at the Hotel Gansevoort, in the Meatpacking District, its just very hip and cool. Plus, I love the rooftop pool! See I told you I couldn't choose.

Cocktail of choice?
Depends on what I am doing, I drink red wine alot, I love good wine when I am eating good food or just chilling at home. But when I am just out with my friends on the town, I go for Ketel One and Soda with extra lime, or a good 'ol beer is always tasty too!!

Style advice?
Dress for your shape, discover your best asset and show it off!!
Be daring, wear what you like!

What is style?
Style is more than about what you wear, it's more about your personality and about how confident you are in what you wear.

What is at the top of your style / wardrobe wish list?
High Waisted Skirts& Jeans, and graphic print mini dresses!

Favorite Mantra?
"I'm Over it!"

Who is your favorite designer/designer label?
I love Voom Dresses--they are really pretty, and very unique.
Chanel Sunglasses--I have a problem.
My favorite denim line right now is William Rast, they fit really good.
For T-shirts, I love Splendid, they are super soft and look great with jeans.

What is the best thing about owning your own boutique?
All the clothes you have to choose from! No, but really the best thing is being able see my dream come to life! This is something that I wanted to do my whole life. I went through a lot of really hard times to get to this point. It hasn't always been glamorous, believe me. But I worked really hard and it feels amazing to look back now and see that it was all worth it.

What do you consider the best accessory?
My boyfriend, Ryan...he's gonna love me for that one!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love that shop! Mod would be a great place for one of your parties! Nothing beats cocktails and shopping.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Julie said...

GREAT interview!!! I was hoping Hautemommmas would post about Mod. I agree with the previous post....have a party there ASAP!!!

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree MOD is awesome!

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mod is by far the best place in Lexington to shop...I Love it!! Everyone is really sweet there too, so a party there sounds amazing!

11:05 AM  

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