January 7, 2007

Resolution #2 - Work Out More

Even if you don't need to lose weight, we can all benefit from working out. Decrease your risk of cancer, heart attack, and diabetes (among other things)...and firm up in time for Spring Break!

Here are a few picks to keep you looking Haute while you sweat!

1. Nike Air Zoom Moire sneaks are a great lightweight shoe for running.

2. Nike + Sphere Pro Jacket is warm, water and wind resistant and breathable all at the same time...with a flattering fit!

3. iWorkout for iPod...it's your personal trainer on your iPod. 101 videos, illustrated fitness guides, nutrition & diet info and lots more!

4. Invest in some equipment...a stability ball, weights and bench for at-home, and resistance bands & a jumprope for travel. I like getfitsource.com.
5. Consider joining a gym. Get a friend to go with you and the time will fly!

photos from eastbay.com and apple.com

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Anonymous Catherine said...

Will you come and drag me to the gym with you???? Please!

10:52 PM  

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