January 9, 2007

Free Gift!

Readers of Lucky magazine will recognize the name Jean Godfrey-June as beauty editor and writer of monthly column the beauty closet.

I read her new book, Free Gift with Purchase, one evening during the holidays as a mental health break. It was a cute, quick read telling of her career from Elle magazine to a failed internet site to Lucky. There are a few usable tips, but the best part of the book are the references to "Above the Fray" (an editor at Elle...similar to, but much less scathing than Devil Wears Prada).

And speaking of free gifts with purchase, look at what can be yours with a $95 purchase from Nordies.
photos from nordstrom.com and amazon.com

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Anonymous Carrie said...

Thanks - I could use a mindless read right now for after my kids go to bed.

10:53 PM  

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