June 23, 2007

Protect Your Color!

Matrix announces the launch of Shade Memory, the FIRST complete professional line for color-protective, shade specific hair care. Shade-specific base formulas allow the individual needs of blondes, brunettes and redheads to be addressed most effectively with customized regimens that won’t alter color. This comprehensive color maintenance line boasts a long list of attributes: it repairs damage from color processing, protects color treated hair from fading and UV damage, boosts and refreshes color and enhances radiance and shine.

While all color-treated hair tends to be dry and is easily oxidized, each specific shade of color is prone to unique issues and should be treated with a customized formula. Many product ranges claim to utilize different formulas based on hair color, but only Shade Memory boasts the precise amount of each shade-specific ingredient needed to leave you with a notable difference in vibrancy.

Sparkling Blondes Restorative System – Blonde hair is prone to split ends, breakage, overall damage and dulling. This formula contains restorative ceramides, protective Vitamin E and brightening grapefruit clarifiers to repair, protect and brighten. The fragrance includes an apple citrus fruity top note, while the middle note is a white floral and the bottom note is a musky floral.

Rich Brunettes Dimensional System – Brown hair often succumbs to dryness and can appear undernourished, matte and without depth. This formula contains moisturizing shea butter, nourishing panthenol, high shine oil and protective anti-oxidants to add moisture and create multi-dimensional shine. The top note of the fragrance is woody floral, the middle note is fruity orange and the bottom note is warm vanilla woody.

Vivid Reds Balancing System – Redheads can have uneven porosity and visible color oxidation, so color tends to dull and fade very fast. Balancing protein fortifiers, protective anti-oxidants and micro-shine polishers work together to equalize porosity and boost vibrancy. The fragrance boasts a top note of fruity berry, middle note of red, fruity floral and a woody musky bottom note.

Within each formula, there is a complete range of hair care products to address each shade’s needs:

Shampoos ($15.95 / 13.5 oz) & Conditioners ($16.95 / 13.5 oz)

Shade Memory’s shampoos and conditioner are non-color depositing. All formulas help repair internal damage, protect color and add shine. They are designed for daily use.


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