June 22, 2007


Watch Karen, Tinsley, Carole, Eva and more in this hilarious promo for the book , The Manny, by Holly Peterson.

from Publisher's Weekly: "Jamie Whitfield, 36, lives on Park Avenue with her three children and her mostly absent high-powered attorney husband, Phillip, and works part-time as a producer for a prime-time news program. She hires Peter Bailey-29 and biding his time until he get funding for his software business-to plug the household's gaps and be a father figure to nine-year-old Dylan."

As Plum Sykes says,"Now, there is nothing more amusing than the posh girl falling for The Help, but upright Jamie holds out--for pages and pages and pages--determined not to cheat on her husband. But when Jamie discovers another Alpha Mom has seduced Peter in her linen closet during a play date, it seems only a matter of time before the inevitable happens. "

This book is a riot!


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