June 19, 2007

Lipstick Jungle

"These women aren't looking for Mr. Big, they are Mr. Big"

Forget Desperate Housewives...this Fall (actually whenever Sunday night Football is over....which is definitely not soon enough!), I'll be watching Lipstick Jungle on Sundays at 10.
Lindsay Price is fashion designer, Victory. Brooke Shields is movie exec and mom, Wendy. Kim Raver rounds out the trio as magazine editor, Nico. All have been named to Wall Street Magazine's '50 Most Powerful Women in New York' list.
Author Candace Bushnell said of the three: “What I tried to do with the characters is put them in the same situation that powerful and successful men often find themselves, ... I'm fascinated by what it's like to be a woman in one of those powerful positions because there is really no road map about how you're supposed to behave. Just as society needs to re-evaluate our ideas about femininity and what women can do, we as women need to re-evaluate our ideas about it too.”
Watch clips, check out photos and find out more here.
photo from nbc.com

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Anonymous Tammy said...

can't wait

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