July 26, 2007

e.l.f Cosmetics Now Available in KY and IN

e.l.f. - eyes, lips, face - cosmetics are now sold in Kmart stores in certain parts of the U.S. Louisville KMart and a few in IN have started carrying it...so sit tight and if you 'fancy' this line of makeup it will soon be in a store near you!...no more shipping fees.

HMS doesn't think it is the hautest line of cosmetics, but it is very reasonably priced. We really liked the glosses, blushers, brushes, brightening eye liners and lipsticks. We were not fans of the eyeshadows, mascara or foundations (hydro tint), but the concealer isn't bad.

Check out of e.l.f's 'As Seen In' mentions:...not bad

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