July 22, 2007

Anya Hindmarch - Is This Bag Haute? or Not?

Would you special order this bag? Would you wait outside for hours to get one?

This bag has caused real excitement for those in New York and many Asian cities. The story behind the bag is very interesting. (So are the riots that have been caused by those trying to purchase one).

The profits are going to an amazing cause, so knowing that makes the bag more appealing to me. We Are What We Do is the organization that approached Anya. The big controversy now is the question is being asked, Are those fighting for and buying the bag actually supporting the cause?

Check out Anya's site for more details on U.S. availability of the bags.

Another interesting link at We Are What We Do site related to the story behind the bag.

Image, top right, from wwd.com and image bottom left from we are what we do site.

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Blogger Jackie said...

I would not wait in line for that bag. When I saw it, I immediately thought of Tom Green -- "got a plastic bag, plastic bag, gotta green plastic bag".

5:40 PM  

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