February 4, 2007


To kick off Fashion Week, I thought I'd pay tribute to a few of my favorite fashion icons.

But first a comment on FW thus far: I thought the legging trend was soon to be over...now enter....glittery, major spandex and metallic leggings and jumpsuits...oh dear LORD! I would rather D-I-E than wear what I have seen on the runway! Anyway, my mantra holds firm, "just because it is considered to be 'in-style' doesn't mean you wear it."

For more info on Fashion Week, stay up-to-date with this New York Post link.

Now, tribute to JUST a few of my favorite Haute fashion icons:

1. Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti

2. Kelly Klein

3. Tory Burch

4. Elizabeth Hurley

5. Gucci Westman


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