January 25, 2007

Get Haute!

Spring is in the air ...and Spring fashions are all the buzz in the magazines and online. January is almost over and Spring Break will be here before you know it....Yikes!! It's time to call in the pros!

Total Med to the Rescue!

They have extended their Special Offer of Buy three months and get one free!

No contract, no yucky frozen food to buy. Their program includes:
  • Consultation with the doctor, an EKG and lab tests and Body Mass Assesment to determine the proper plan.
  • Most medications are included and are given at your visit.
  • You also meet with a dietician and are moitored monthly (or more often if necessary).
  • Once you reach your goal, you join the maintenance program for a year to ensure continued success.
Check them out at www.totalmedweb.com.


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