November 8, 2006

Seeing Red...in a very good way-

The Red Gap tee ads are all over the November issues of the magazines I read. The Red campaign is the brainchild of Bono and Bobby Shriver in response to the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

The Manifesto at www.joinred.com states that it is not a charity, but a business model. By choosing to purchase Product Red items, medications are distributed to people who are stricken with the disease. Pretty simple.

Some of the global corporate partners are Emporio Armani (cool sunglassses, watches & more),Motorola(red RAZR), Gap(tees,accessories & more), Apple (red iPod nano), American Express, and Converse (Chuck Taylors).

You can submit a video for possible inclusion on the 'video wall' on the www.joinred.com homepage and tell the world what (Red) means to you. How cool is that?! photo form www.joinred.com.


Anonymous michele said...

i wondered what the red t-shirts were all about. thanks for the heads-up:)

12:06 PM  

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