November 20, 2006

A little Gossip....

OK...there is no shortage of celebrity gossip these days....here are a few highlights:

There are unconfirmed rumors on a few sites that Laura Bennett had baby #6 on Saturday or Sunday. I can't find substantiated evidence of this, but I will be checking my online sources & let you know when the good news is confirmed!

This photo of her from bloggingprojectrunway shows a neck tattoo ala Jeffrey that has the names of Laura's children...how clever! Read all about her UES shower, shoes and all, at Project Rungay.

Britney partied in Vegas this weekend with Dancing with the Stars runner-up Mario Lopez.

Of course, Tom and Katie were decked out in Armani for their Saturday Scientology wedding ceremony in Italy (although it has been reported that they were already married in a civil ceremony in LA last week).

Chris Roinson files for divorce from his wife, Kate Hudson.

In Grey's Anatomy news, Ellen Pompeo got engaged on her 37th birthday to boyfriend and music producer Chris Ivery.

Check out People.com, Page Six, and E! for more!


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