June 1, 2007

Spray Tan

I had my first spray tan before my vaca last week. I actually loved it. There are some issues you must know about first. Spray tan is not just as easy as walking in, get sprayed, leave and in a few weeks it fades away. No no...it is a little more complicated than that, but way worth it!

Here are my tips and tricks of this trade:
1. Do not do a Mystic tan - get a spray tan where someone actually sprays you. Stop being modest...they've seen what'ya got.
2. Do cover your face. It is great to look tan but when your face is that dark...not so attractive. Take an old towel, burp cloth/pad whatever or ask for a towel and cover your face. That is what you spent all that money on bronzing powder for anyway.

3. Go home barefoot. Just trust me.

4. Wear something lose fitting and not your favorite t-shirt. The spray does come out but I just wouldn't.

5. Don't wear a bathing suit (like in the photo) and don't wear a bra, but wear a thong because you want the tan to cover your buns. If not, then your bathing suit might not meet the same spot where it stops...looking...well...silly.

6. When you get into the dressing room, post your spray, immediately get the baby wipes out and wipe your wrists, ankle bones, tops of your feet and tops of your hands. Don't rub these areas, just lightly wipe them.

7. When you get home, lightly rinse your feet and hands again in the tub. Try not to make the water splash a lot cause you could get water spots.
8. Then about 7 days after your spray tan you will notice it fading in certain areas. Take a face wipe, the Olay ones or the generic from Walmart - equate wipes - and scrub these areas. It takes it right off and doesn't look strange.

I know this sounds like a lot. However, with Melanoma on the rise and the intensity of the heat today, it is well worth it! Plus it is cheap - most places only charge $20 a visit!

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