May 11, 2007

Banana Boat EveryDay Glow

Who would have thought this one would be my favorite, so far???

I have tested many of the lotion-type self-tanners; Jergens, Coppertone, Neutrogena (reviews to come) and my favorite is Banana Boat!

At first I thought it would not be the best simply because I don't, or haven't, seen it advertised as heavily as the others....wrong! Isn't that always the way, the cheapest is the best. We spend all this money on expensive high-end products that we often end up disliking, then we spend under $10 for something and it ends up being the best in quality and results!

Anyway, the Banana Boat EveryDay Glow in Medium, which I was hesitant to get because I am so pale, but the Medium is just fine, gives the best coverage, quickest results, smells fine and doesn't 'stain' everything you touch. Like all of them you have to wash your hands fairly quickly after applying, but it did not leave a trace on my hands. After only two days of applying just once a day, I noticed (as did my husband...shock) a difference.

I highly recommend this one!

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