February 12, 2007

Worth a Try??

Nutraceuticals... new technology in skincare that isn't a lotion, cream or procedure...it's a supplement. A new release that's been getting alot of positive press recently is Imedeen.

Here's what the blissworld.com website has to say:

"Sold in Europe and Asia since 1991, Time Perfection is clinically and scientifically shown to increase your skin's density, moisture and protein synthesis while visibly decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. The result is skin that looks softer, smoother and younger- from head to toe. Comes with an informative CD. 3-month supply (180 tablets) or 1-month supply (60 tablets)"

What do you think? It sounds logical to me...

photo and quoted text from blissworld.com

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Anonymous Janice Callahan said...

Thank you for your mention of Imedeen!
I am the Sales Manager for Imedeen in the US and would love to sample the product to you. Please contact me at jaca@ferrosan.com

1:33 PM  

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