January 20, 2007

Dancing is Haute

Yes I am secretly a fan of Dancing with the Stars. No, I don't get to watch it all the time b/c of our busy schedules but when I do, I LOVE IT! And yes I went to the tour show last night in Lexington, KY at Rupp Arena. I took a friend for her birthday and all I have to say, is it was...super haute!

Maybe it is the elementary school cheerleader, want-a-be dance team girl and ice-queen (ice skater) in me that makes me absolutely love watching this kind of dancing. I love Broadway and wish they still made movies like White Christmas, Singing in the Rain and all the other classic musicals. The tour is just that...one big amazing musical. The quality of the dancing, music, lighting, costumes, it is all so worth it! The band, that is part of the tour, alone was worth every penny!


Blogger Parisjasmal said...

Hello Girls-

I love Dancing With The Stars too. I also have a huge girl crush on Edyta. She is what my Grandma would call " A very handsome woman" and her legs make me weep!

Have a great day!

3:07 PM  

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