March 23, 2007

Finding a Haute Hat for Derby!

"It's not the shape of the woman's face that really decides, but the attitude of the hat."
--Frank Olive

I love Frank Olive hats. The two I have are gorgeous. Unfortunately his hats aren't very easy to find online. eBay is probably the best bet for a great Frank Olive hat.

There is nothing like the feeling of finding the perfect Derby hat!

Here are a few sites to help you with your search:

1. The Hat Society - a great site with links to nothin' but hats!

2. Hatgirl & Hatbaby - These hats are gorgeous! Very reasonably priced too. Here is a sneek-peek of just one of the many choices - (remember the Bruno Frisoni shoe and clutch....)

3. All You Need is Love, Hats and Veils - check these out! there are many gorgeous hats with biot feathers!

4. Maggie Mae Designs - tons of beautiful designs!

5. Hats in the Belfry - again, tons of beautiful choices and many large brim hats, my personal fave!

6. Hat-A-Tude - large gallery of great hats!

7. Gena Conti - gorgeous one of a kind hats

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